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Assembly service

With IKEA assembly service, you decide how to spend your  time. Because some days, assembling furniture is fun and  fulfilling. Other days, not so much. Our professional,  convenient service lets you get life sorted instead of sorting screws.

IKEA Assembly service

You can book while you're shopping in-store - or when you're at home with your purchases. A trusted professional will do the assembling so that you can focus on your to-do list.

Travel fee ¥5,500~+Effort based Assembly fee.

"ANYTIMES" social platform Service

Furniture Assembly by Social platform "ANYTIMES" supporter. Find Certified IKEA Furniture Assembly supporter 24/7 via Web and APP. You can request 1 furniture at a reasonable price.

Start from ¥3,500~.

IKEA Assembly service

Service pricing

Travel fee ¥5,500~+Effort based Assembly fee. Assembly fee is differ by Furniture.

Pricing example in Main Area

Check travel fee

How assembly service works

At IKEA Stores
Please ask one of sales staff or the staff at the 1F Home delivery desk.

At home after purchasing products online or store
If you purchased through an online store or by purchase order (sales order) at the store, please apply from Purchase History and Go to “Manage order” to request Assembly.Otherwise, please have a receipt at hand and contact the Customer Support Center. Payment for service fees is a lump sum payment of credit card.

At Online same time product shopping
Please check the products you wish to use assembly service in your shopping cart. Credit cards and IKEA gift cards can be used to pay.
Some products cannot be applied from the shopping cart. In that case, after purchase, please apply from Purchase History and Go to “Manage order” to request Assembly.
See details on how to order

Service Area

Please find from here.

Lead time

N+5 days~, differ by Areas. Please check when you request service.

Optional Service

About optional service Some IKEA furniture requires to fix to the wall or ceiling to secure the safety. We can offer below services with IKEA Furniture Assembly service.

Wall Fix

Wall fix for Storage furniture

  • ¥2,095 / 1 piece of Furniture

To prevent furniture falling down, fix it to the wall with screws. Wall reinforcement works might be required to have enough durability.

Wall mounting

  • ¥1,571 / 1 piece of wall mounting fixture

To mount the Furniture to the wall. Wall reinforcement works might be required to have enough durability.

Wall reinforcement​

  • ¥3,143 / 60cm width

Additional works for Wall fix / mount to reinforce the durability.

*Works might not be possible depending on the wall conditions.

Other works


Service to fix the lighting to the Cabinets or Shelves. Might require Drilling works for cable.


  • ¥524 / 1 hole

Drilling work for Lighting or electric cables.

Ceiling fix

  • ¥3.143 / 1 pole

Joint furniture

  • ¥524 / 1 joint

Joint work for furniture without joint parts.

BESTÅ Vertical Joint

  • ¥524 / 1 joint

TV mount

  • ¥10,476 / 1 TV

Service to mount the TV with IKEA TV mounting bracket. Bracket assembly fee is also required.

Good-to-know basics

  • Travel fee is vary depending on the area, please check here.
  • We do not accept applications only Optional service. Please apply with the IKEA Assembly service.
  • Payment for optional service will be requested on the day of the furniture assembly service by an invoice, or in cash. (payment methods vary depending on the local supplier).
  • If you use the delivery service, the assembly work date may differ from the delivery date. Also please bring furniture to the room which Furniture installed.
  • If you cancel the service, please contact the Customer Support Center by 17:00 of 2 days prior to the assembly date. After that, service fee will not be refunded.
  • Optional service such as fixing to the wall may not be installable depending on the condition of the room. Please check the Materials of walls to be fixed in advance. Especially for apartment etc., please check with the management company in advance.
  • At the case we cannot execute the works due to several cases above, we cannot refund the service fee. Please check the terms and conditions before applying.
    Terms and conditions

"ANYTIMES" social platform Service

Service Pricing

Differ by Supporter and the Furniture.We recommend the Certified IKEA Furniture Assembly supporter.

Pricing example

  • Single bed ¥5,500~
  • Storage furniture ¥4,000~
  • Table, Desk ¥3,500~

How assembly service works

  1. Go to the Website or download the APP.
  2. Find the Service - Search and find the Certified IKEA Furniture Assembly supporter and "Request".
  3. Payment - Pay the service fee to ANYTIMES. Only Credit card payment is available. If you need help for other payment option, please contact ANYTIMES.
  4. Service - Supporter visit you and assemble furniture. After service completed, Supporter receive the payment via ANYTIMES.

Download APP

Service Area

Differ by Supporter, please check the supporter profile or "Request" to check the availability.


2 hours~ from the Application. First "Request" and check.

Good-to-know basics

Please refere here.

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