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Happiness At Home With imma

In Japan, the home is mainly used as a functional place, for resting and resetting in between days. We believe that any home, no matter the size, should be somewhere you can feel truly comfortable. After we continue to spend more time in them than ever before, we’ve partnered with imma to share the concept of small space living and happiness at home with Harajuku.

City Living With imma

Create A Happy Home With imma

Creating a home like imma’s might seem overwhelming, but it’s not all that difficult. At IKEA, not everything has to be a big change. We’re all about making the everyday homelife a little bit better using simple solutions. With organization, easy changes and some personalization, you too can have a happy home.

imma Curated Room

Visit IKEA Harajuku to see how imma made the most of small space living. On the second floor of the shop you can see a typical Harajuku apartment that she curated.

imma’s Selection

In imma’s apartment, she added color on top of a black and white base. Shop her favorite products to bring a bit of that Harajuku feeling to your home.