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Be prepared.  Six Useful IKEA products for emergency

Be prepared for emergency supplies now. Here are some recommended IKEA products that you can use in your daily life and are useful in the event of a disaster.

■ Blackout Buddy LED flash light 

LED torch, hand-driven LJUSA; wind about 20-30 times for 1.5 minutes of light.  Remember to secure a place for LJUSA in the room, so you know where to find it when blackout happens.

■ Futon mattress that protect you from hard wood floor at evacuation venue


JESSHEIM futon mattress is easy to bring with you and easy to store. It is perfect for sleepovers in everyday use. In cace of emergency, futon mattress goes straight on the floor and protect you from hard wood floor at evacuation venue. 

■ An emergency go bag for evacutation

In case of disaster, every household should prepare an emergency "go bag" ready for all family members. VÄRLDENS backpack can hold stuff for a couple nights. Do not forget to pack "go bag" for your children that they can carry comfortably themselves.

■ Be ready for rain and wind with water proof poncho

Prepare for evacuating in the rain. SALTSTEN rain poncho is portable and foldable. Have it ready as one of your disaster preparaction emergency products.

 ■ Prepare a basic emergency storage box 

There might be a time you need to shelter at home. Prepare yourself with emergency and necessities to store in a waterproofed KLÄMTARE box. Remember to set a date for maintenace of all items regularly.

■ Let’s try “Daily stockpile” 

The “daily stockpile” is simple and susteinable way of stockpiling food. Just purchase a little more of the food that you normally use on a daily basis and consume items in daily life.  Our PLANT RAMEN noodel is perfect for it.  It is 100% plant based and does not use artificial flavors .
* Only sold at Sweden Food Market at IKEA stores. (PLANT RAMEN/ Curry flavor ¥249)

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