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Flexible storage for all your rooms

Hide away clutter, show off your favourite things, and organise it all by creating storage combinations that fit the specifics of your home. The versatile HAUGA series features storage solutions that can be used in any part of your home, including living room, hallway, dining room and bedroom. Beds – coordinated in style and materials – are also included in the series.

Room with a white HAUGA combination of high cabinets, a desk, framed art, an armchair by a window, and a sleep-mode sofa-bed.
Room with a white HAUGA combination of high cabinets, a desk, framed art, an armchair by a window, and a sleep-mode sofa-bed.

All set for quick departures

An open wardrobe is an ideal solution for a grab-and-go start to your day. Accessible hangers, drawers and convenient top shelf aside, the top edge is a great spot to hang prepped outfits – saving you even more time.

Seamless storage

With a wide range of options, the HAUGA series easily adapts to your lifestyle and space. Since side-by-side items form seamless units, you can tailor combinations to match the specific layout and requirements of your home.

Storage for bedroom, living room, any room

With a style mixing traditional lines with a modern touch, the HAUGA series has a timeless look that blends well with the rest of your home. Given the many possible combinations, it’s a solution that isn’t limited to a specific setting – simply place it where it serves you best.

    Built for clever functionality and flexible use, the HAUGA series adapts to and simplifies your everyday life from the moment it comes out of the box. You can easily take HAUGA units with you when you move, as they are easy to assemble and disassemble thanks to the wedge dowel construction.

    A space-creating wardrobe

    This HAUGA wardrobe with sliding doors frees up the space around it, so you have more room for you. Inside, storage space is maximised with shelves and a rail, so there’s plenty of room for hanging and folded clothes – and a few storage boxes too.

    Living room storage for everything

    With many activities happening in the living room, it’s the perfect space to make the most of all the possibilities of the HAUGA range – and set the mood of the room in the process.

    A clutter-free hallway

    A mix of drawers and open hanging storage means you can keep the bulk of your things safely stored away, while you put your favourite pieces on display.

    Neat hallway storage

    The HAUGA storage series makes it easy to store, find and grab everything you need in the hallway. A sideboard near the front door keeps keys, scarves and umbrellas to hand.

    Display your dinnerware

    Easy-access storage, extra surfaces, and space for decorations are vital parts of a well-planned dining area. These high cabinets fit seamlessly side by side, and let you create a visual feature with your favourite pieces.

    Dust-free shelves

    A glass door cabinet is ideal for a dining area and living room, giving you full view of what’s inside, while keeping the contents dust-free. The distinctive top shelf elegantly frames whatever you choose to show off.