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Smart integrated lighting

Our smart integrated lighting range is designed to work with furniture like bookcases, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Our range will help you light up things you love to see - like pictures and mementos - as well as things you want to find, like clothes or your favourite book.

Installing smart integrated lighting is the first, and most basic step of building a smarter and more modern home environment. The ability to control your lighting remotely – at will – is already a huge convenience. And integrated lighting is seamlessly installed into your home, giving a futuristic feeling.

No more feeling around in the dark for a light switch when getting up at night – there are lights with motion sensors for that. No more adjusting your lights throughout the day to save electricity – lights using the IKEA Home smart app can be set on a schedule. No more nervously walking around a dark home to investigate a strange sound in the night – with the TRÅDFRI remote control, you can turn on your lights remotely to see into the next room.

Just perfect lighting at all times. Use them in the kitchen as smart under cupboard lights. Or why not install them as bookcase lighting? Not only can smart integrated lighting offer great task lighting in the kitchen, but they also make great decorative lighting as well. Doubly so since they can be dimmed to your desired lighting level whenever you’re done with your task. And you have the option of controlling your smart integrated lighting through your remote, through an app or by programming a set schedule for them.