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Large mirrors

Full-length mirrors come in handy in many of your rooms – check out your outfit in the bedroom or walk-in closet, and make a last quick fix in the hallway before you leave. We have many styles of large mirrors, and you can choose from both free-standing ones and the ones you mount on your wall.

Does your coat go with your outfit? The bigger the mirror, the bigger the picture. Large mirrors are great for admiring your entire look or creating a roomier feel through depth and reflection. They’re not just about vanity – full length mirrors make a striking addition to hallways, bedrooms and anywhere else in your home that could benefit from a lighter and more spacious feel. 

A large mirror for every need 

From free standing mirrors to full-length mirrors that can be mounted on the wall, find a style for any space or room in your home. 

Use a mirror to add to your décor or to create the illusion of more open space. Even the colour or type of frame can help you to express your personal style. Prefer a thick frame in a bold shade? Or maybe you’d like a rounder shape with a delicate ornamental finish? Find a big mirror that fits, whatever your personal style or space limitations. 

Safety and practical functions 

All of our mirrors are designed with safety and practicality in mind. Our glass mirrors feature a safety film that reduces the amount of breakage in case of an accident. For extra peace of mind, choose a mirror made with drop-resistant plastic. 

We also design our mirrors to be easy to install and, in some instances, to have extra uses. A selection of our mirrors can be hung with an adhesive tape that you stick onto any flat surface. If you’re looking for something a bit different, try free-standing or cheval mirrors with practical hooks that can be used to hang accessories or store pyjamas. Or how about a wallet stand that keeps all your daily essentials within easy reach when you’re getting ready in front of the mirror?