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Kitchen appliances

From a perfectly baked pie to a dish that’s spotlessly clean, we have kitchen appliances that not only make your everyday life easier, but also help you live a more sustainable life at home. We have a range of affordable fan assisted ovens, induction hobs, integrated fridge freezers, dishwashers, washing machines and extractor hoods for your home. Packed with smart functions, they’re built to stand up to everyday demands – now and for years to come. Designed with attention to details, they are so good looking they will enhance the look of your kitchen, too.

Our home appliances also come with a free 5-year guarantee*

Appliance buying guide

Need help with choosing your kitchen appliances? Let us help you make your decision.  View our appliances buying guide for more information.

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Last chance to buy

This is your last chance to take home these items before they say hej då for good (Swedish for bye).

Induction hobs – a more planet-friendly way to cook

Our range of super-smart and energy-saving induction hobs deliver fast, safe and precise cooking results, allowing you to cook up a storm while saving money in the process.

See all induction hobs
Steam coming from a cast iron casserole containing chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes on a white BEJUBLAD induction hob.
A pan with two pieces of salmon and a pot steaming broccoli on a BLIXTSNABB induction hob next to a tray with condiments.
See all induction hobs

New energy label from March 1, 2021

To help customers make future purchase decisions, a new energy label for refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers and washing machines comes into effect on March 1, 2021. Instead of classifications by "+”, the new energy labels uses an A-G rating and now includes information on noise emissions, usable space and more. The labels also display a QR code, allowing customers to access an EU database from their smartphones, to obtain additional information for each model.

FINSMAKARE series – for food and design aficionados

The clean, modern design of the award-winning FINSMAKARE series is combined with clever functions that’ll make cooking (and cleaning up!) a breeze.

See the FINSMAKARE series
A white kitchen with two FINSMAKARE appliances, a bowl of salad is on the worktop next to potted plants and condiments.
See the FINSMAKARE series

TILLREDA series – easy to install, plug and play

Do you live in a small space but are big on cooking? The TILLREDA series has got you covered. The fridge and microwave are not only easy to fit in any kitchen, the energy efficient induction hob can be stowed away to create more precious workspace.

See the TILLREDA series
A TILLREDA portable induction hob with a blue saucepan, kitchen items on a white SUNNERSTA shelf and a container with herbs.
A kitchen with white-tiled walls, a SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen with TILLREDA appliances and a shelf with condiments and herbs.
See the TILLREDA series

LAGAN series – easy to use, easy to buy

The LAGAN series is all about basic functions at a price you won’t believe. The clean design makes it easy to match oven, hob, fridge and freezer and extractor hood for a perfectly uniform kitchen.

See the LAGAN series
See the LAGAN series
Integrated IKEA dishwasher in white modern kitchen that is open, showing clean plates and cups.

A fully loaded dishwasher on ‘eco’ programme uses less water than you would when you do the dishes by hand.

Kitchen Guarantees

All of our kitchens come with guarantees

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Personalised advice from specialists

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We offer delivery methods for all your purchases

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Our installation service can save you valuable time

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Appliances make the kitchen go round. From safe food storage to precision cooking (and swift and efficient washing up), you’ll have dinner ready and a clean kitchen in no time. And considering how much time and energy we save thanks to our home appliances, there's no wonder they're essential parts. Both in the kitchen, and in our lives.

Kitchen appliances for every home

No matter if you're preparing a five-course feast, or just whipping up a quick snack, you'll want it done with ease. Hence, you’ll want an ideal kitchen solution with appliances that allows you to prep and cook without any hassle. In order to do that, you need the standard kitchen setup consisting of a hob, an oven, a fridge and freezer, as well as an extractor hood.

Thankfully, we’ve got you fully covered. All you need to think about is how much space you have for appliances, and what kind of interior style you want. Either way, you'll have no problems finding appliances, and matching them with your preferred kitchen style, here at IKEA.

How to choose home appliances with limited kitchen space

Once you’ve equipped your kitchen with the basic household appliances, you can start thinking about the final touches. In some homes, you have the space to install appliances to your heart's content. But what if you live in a smaller apartment? Or your floor plan doesn’t allow for an all-inclusive kitchen? If that’s the case, you have to prioritise.

Save on energy and keep the peace with a dishwasher

Many argue that the dishwasher is both a life and relationship saver, as doing the dishes is a chore you have to do frequently. If you’re living alone, it might be a pain to do it by hand. If you’re not, you might have the constant argument about who’s turn it is to do the dishes. “I did it yesterday”, anyone?

With a dishwasher, there’s no need for any of that. Just put everything in, turn it on, and go watch a movie after dinner instead of scrubbing said dinner off the plates. Today you can get both big and small machines with integrated design if you have the space. Or a smaller stand-alone unit to put on your countertop. Problem solved.

A microwave for every man, woman and child?

If you don’t have the space for a microwave, the regular oven will do just fine. But if there’s room, isn’t the microwave just the best? Just put something in there, press a button and bam. Food’s done. Amazing. Huge time-saver. And a huge design option.

Should you get a regular or a combi oven? A stand-alone piece on the countertop or an integrated one above the hob? Either way, if you truly desire a microwave, there’s probably room for it somewhere. You might even be able to stash the stand-alone model in a cabinet when you don’t use it.