Integrated washing machine/dryer, white


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TVÄTTAD Integrated washing machine/dryer, white
TVÄTTAD Integrated washing machine/dryer, white
TVÄTTAD Integrated washing machine/dryer, white
TVÄTTAD Integrated washing machine/dryer, white
TVÄTTAD Integrated washing machine/dryer, white

Hidden in a cabinet with a door that matches the rest of the room, no one will guess there’s a 2-in-1 washer/dryer inside. Steam program and other functions let you adapt to your different laundry needs.

Article Number204.940.72

Product details

5 year guarantee. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure.

Automatically senses the amount of laundry in the drum and adjusts the water volume and washing time to wash and dry as energy-efficiently and economically as possible.

The steam function quickly and gently makes your laundry fresh and removes wrinkles and creases.

The drum’s special design allows clothes to be washed and dried carefully with great results, while also keeping their shape.

The delayed start option of up to 20 hours allows you to wash when it suits you or electricity rates are lower.

Fully integrated; hidden behind your kitchen cabinet door, creating a uniform expression.

A good solution for small-space living as the combined washer dryer takes up half the space of two separate appliances.

The washer and dryer functions can be used separately. They don't have to be combined or used in one go.

This product bears the CE mark.

Several washing programmes, for example:









Washing capacity: 8 kg.

Drying capacity, cotton: 4 kg.

Drying capacity, synthetics: 3 kg.

Spin reduction option; choose between 400, 1200 or 1600 rpm.

Anti-foam system; if excessive washing detergent has been added the washing machine automatically adjusts by increasing rinse cycles.

Overflow protection; detects potential problems that may result in overflowing and automatically cuts off the supply of water to the machine.

Unbalanced control system; redistributes the load inside the drum if it is not distributed evenly and adjusts the spin speed for best performance.

This model is designed for built-in installation.

You will find complete information about the installation, programs and use of product under the tab Assembly instructions & documents.

Hinges to mount a cabinet door in front of the washing machine are included.

4 adjustable feet included.

The text by the program selection knob is in English. 4 extra adhesive tags in Italian, German, French and Spanish are included.


IKEA of Sweden

Article Number204.940.72

Technical information


Integrated washing machine/dryer

Brand NameIKEA
Model IdentifierTVÄTTAD 20494072
Energy efficiency class complete cycleE
Energy efficiency class washing cycleD
Cycle duration for the complete cycle6:15
Weighted energy consumption complete cycle266 kWh/100 cycles
Rated capacity for complete cycle4 kg
Weighted water consumption per washing cycle47 L
Weighted water consumption per complete cycle60 L
Airborne acoustic noise emissions70 dB
Weighted energy consumption washing cycle73 kWh/100 cycles
Rated capacity for washing cycle8 kg
Spin-drying efficiency classB
Cycle duration for the washing cycle3:30


Width: 59.6 cm

Depth: 54.0 cm

Height: 81.9 cm

Max. installation height: 88.0 cm

Min. installation height: 83.8 cm

Cord length: 1.5 m

Weight: 68.50 kg

    Integrated washing machine/dryerArticle no.204.940.72

    Width: 63 cm

    Height: 63 cm

    Length: 89 cm

    Weight: 75.00 kg

    Package(s): 1

Energy efficiency class complete cycle E