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Toys & play

There’s nothing complicated about play. The only energy needed is your child’s (and there’s plenty of that!). Our safe and fun children's toys motivate kids to develop fine motor skills, social skills and logical thinking through role play, imagination, creativity and movement.

Looking for gift ideas for the kids? We have a range of supplies where your child will have fun and learn too. 

Reach for the stars with the astronaut AFTONSPARV collection for children. 

A new toy to suit every personality

Whether you have a budding artist in your house or the next professional high-jumper, toys like this new foam obstacle course or these colourful art supplies will keep your little one creative, entertained and happy. And while your little one is busy, you can put your feet up and get some precious me-time.

In a dark pink room, two small children are playing and jumping over peices of a SKRATTMÅS obstacle course.
Against a pink background is a SOLFÅGEL colour chart, pencil case and a paper with a drawing of a girl on it.

Unleashing creativity with playful toys

Discover the joy and benefits of choosing the right playthings for your little ones, mixing personal development with pure fun!

Why are toys essential for child development?

Toys are the building blocks of your child's future. Engaging with toys sparks creativity and imagination, paving the way for cognitive and social skills. For toddlers, toys are more than mere amusement—they are tools that help them understand the world. Toddler toys designed for this age group focus on fine motor skill development and sensory exploration. Bright colours, interesting textures, and sounds stimulate their senses, while building blocks challenge their problem-solving skills. 

What should I look for in children's toys?

When selecting children's toys, consider their educational value and how they align with your child's interests. Toys should be age-appropriate, safe, and durable. For younger children, look for toys that encourage interaction and physical play. As children grow, their toys should evolve with them. Older children benefit from more complex toys, such as various games or building blocks that foster creativity, strategic thinking and cooperation.  

The power of play: encouraging lifelong learning

Toys are a child's first introduction to learning through play. They offer a unique opportunity to develop essential life skills in a safe and controlled environment. By role-playing with plushies or similar toys, children learn empathy and social roles. Colouring books and building blocks allow them to express themselves and develop their artistic talents. The key is to provide a variety of toys that cater to different developmental stages and learning styles.
Choosing the right toys for your children is a delightful journey. Remember that the best toy is one that matches your child's developmental needs and unleashes their potential.