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Table setting ideas

In need of style inspiration for your meal times? Add some personality to your place settings with our beautiful tableware ideas. Whether it's a fancy dinner or everyday meal, go with tableware that makes every occasion special.

Let’s lay the perfect table for light brunch. I’ll get the METALLISK vacuum flask to keep the tea warm, you grab the SMÅKALLT serving stand for the tacos and a couple of plates. And we'll keep things bright and simple with MEDLEM tableware and a KORKEN bottle for our fresh mint water.

Set the tone for something special this Spring. With a tablecloth, cut glassware, proper napkins and solid, generous tableware - good food and drink with your loved ones tastes even better. Our MUSTIGHET glassware and tablecloth echo a subtle floral motif, which pairs well with the diamond-patterned MATVANOR napkin and STRIMMIG tableware.

Prepare for a light lunch with cucumber-infused mineral water, a basket of fresh bread and a few herbs easily to hand. Sometimes the best meals are the simple ones. We grabbed some VARDAGEN glasses, the TILLBRINGARE jug and a MUSTIGHET tray, and filled the KLYFTA bread basket. Perfect for a lunch on a budget.

Do afternoon tea properly with our FULLSPÄCKAD serving tray. That little extra presentation is what makes these moments special. Tea takes time to brew, but who’s rushing? For that perfect cup, pour from the teapot and warm your hands around a STRIMMIG mug and pat your mouth with a floral VÄLSKÖTT napkin.

Psst, fancy a TV dinner on the rug? With a warming bowl of ramen waiting for you, it just feels right to curl your bare feet under you on the floor. The great value RESGODS tray makes it so simple. Love the rug? It’s called TÅRBÄK. And the ÅTERBLICK ramen bowl and cobalt blue ENTUSIASM mug set will make you feel warm inside.