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What’s new in the IKEA range

Designed for you, and your home

DAJLIEN is designed for heavy use – but it’s also designed with colours and details that work even when it’s not used for training: as storage or as practical pieces around the home. The valet stand, for instance, is perfect for drying clothing between sessions, while the trolley can be stowed under a desk.

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A girl in green workout wear is squatting, holding a set of two round DAJLIEN training weights in her hands.
A closeup of a woman’s hands holding the DAJLIEN exercise mat in green, which is partly rolled up.
A man in workout wear is on the DAJLIEN step-up board, one knee up, holding the DAJLIEN training weights in his hands.
Video: A video clip of a girl doing situps and exercises at home, with DAJLIEN products, and a man walking across the street.
Two DAJLIEN valet stands are in a room, with clothing hanging off them and the DAJLIEN carrier bag on the floor.
Discover DAJLIEN collection

Switch up your style with the latest news

Ready for a mini-makeover? Transform your home in an instant with graphic prints, jewel tones, black metal and reeded glass.

Your bedroom remixed

Give your bedroom a new groove – remix it with KLIPPNEJLIKA collection, BILLY bookcase in limited edition black-blue and graphic SÄCKKÄRRA carrier bags and storage cases.

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A BILLY bookcase in black-blue is behind a daybed. KLIPPNEJLIKA bedding is on the bed. SÄCKKÄRRA storage cases are beside it.
Three KLIPPNEJLIKA cushion covers in dark blue/multicolour are in a corner of a platform in a beige studio space.
Two BILLY bookcases in black-blue occupy the corner of a beige room. Books, storage boxes and vases fill the shelves.
KLIPPNEJILKA curtains hang behind a pole with KLIPPNEJLIKA bedding on it. KLIPPNEJLKA cushion covers are on a table nearby.
Two SÄCKKÄRRA storage cases and a matching unfolded case are set on round blue tables in a blue studio space.
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Effortlessly organised – done in a dash

Time to switch your seasonal clothing? Don’t worry – RÅGODLING hangers and storage boxes can help you tidy up your wardrobe in an instant.

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Video: A person places a key in a box that’s part of a stack of RÅGODLING storage boxes with lids. The boxes disappear magically.
On a grey and white checkerboard floor, RÅGODLING coat hangers are arranged in the shape of a flower on two SORTSÖ rugs.
RÅGODLING clothes covers hang in an IDANÄS open wardrobe. Four RÅDODLING storage boxes with lids are on top of the wardrobe.
RÅGODLING storage boxes are on a windowsill. Two boxes are tipped over. One is open, revealing the checked pattern inside.
A RÅGODLING box with compartments set on the edge of white table holds ribbons, spools of thread and other sewing kit items.
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Your living room refreshed – done in a day

Give your living room a quick lift with eye-catching BILD posters, MOSSJÖN glass-door cabinet, HERRÅKRA armchair and BÅTSPINNARE cushion covers. Fresh, easy, done!

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Video: The pieces of two BILD posters come together as portraits of elegant women set against a striped, jewel tone background.
A HERRÅKRA armchair in Diseröd dark yellow and a matching armchair in Vissle grey are on a dais of steps in a studio space.
Two BILD posters depicting portraits of elegant women are set against a striped, jewel tone background in a studio space.
A HERRÅKRA armchair is set near two MOSSJÖN glass-door cabinets. RÄFFELBJÖRK and PÅDRAG vases are in the cabinets.
A BÅTSPINNARE cushion cover leans against TANDMOTT, SANELA and VALLKRASSING cushion covers on a SÖDERHAMN chaise longue.
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A black DYVLINGE swivel armchair is on a green and black tiled floor. On the seat lies a receiver from a rotary dial phone.

It spins again!

When the MILA armchair was introduced in 1967, it quickly became a huge success. In its return as DYVLINGE in green and black, this anti-stress armchair now spins even steadier with an extra leg for stability.

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