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VIHALS series

Change, hide, play and display! VIHALS series’ functional asymmetry lets you optimise your storage no matter the shape of your things. Thanks to the seamless design, the units work alone as well as combined and are easy to adapt and personalise with boxes, inserts, lighting, and other accessories.

A large white VIHALS shelving combination stands underneath a flight of stairs, storing bags, hats, and boxes.
A white VIHALS storage combination is placed in a dining area by a window, with neatly stored dining items on the shelves.
An adult and a child pull a yellow toy between them in front of a VIHALS wardrobe and a MACKAPÄR coat rack with shoe storage.
Clothes hanging from hooks on a black HULTARP rail above a white VIHALS storage unit with a lit DEJSA table lamp on top.
A white VIHALS coffee table stands in between two sofas in a living room with two framed artworks hanging on the wall.

Open or closed storage? It’s up to you.

You can hide away things and choose units with doors for a streamlined look. Or go for open storage and show off your style. You can add accessories and boxes that fit perfectly on the shelves.

Perfect for small spaces and multi-use rooms

When it comes to compact living, multifunctional and easy-to-move furniture is key. Just like the VIHALS coffee table and the VIHALS bedside table. Simply roll them away wherever you need them. With roomy shelves underneath, you can display whatever you like, or store things neatly in boxes and baskets.

A white VIHALS coffee table with books and boxes on its shelves and a cup of tea on top stands in a living room.
A white VIHALS bedside table with a lamp next to a light grey GLADSTAD upholstered bed covered in a VITKLÖVER duvet cover.

Keep it safe and secure

The VIHALS chest of drawers has Anchor and unlock, a safety feature which limits the full use of it until it’s secured to the wall - giving you an added incentive to anchor it and make your home safer.

Two white VIHALS chest of 4 drawers stand against a bedroom wall, with a MODERMOLN work lamp, a vase and other items on top.
Two white VIHALS chest of 4 drawers stand beside a white rug, and has one drawer slightly open with folded sweaters in it.

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