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Kitchen taps & sinks

Complete your kitchen with the perfect sink and tap

Whether your kitchen has a traditional interior or a contemporary look, there's a sink and tap that will match it. In our wide range of sinks and kitchen mixer taps, you can find the ideal solution for your home and create a truly stunning kitchen with exactly the style, colour and functions that you want.

A white HAVSEN sink bowl with a visible front and a kitchen mixer tap are in a kitchen with LERHYTTAN black-stained fronts.
A black colander with fruit inside is placed in a black sink that has a TOLLSJÖN kitchen mixer tap in black polished metal.
An INSJÖN kitchen mixer tap and a white HAVSEN inset sink are mounted in a base cabinet with white fronts by a window.
A chrome-plated kitchen mixer tap and a white HAVSEN inset sink are mounted in a base cabinet with ENKÖPING fronts.
A square sink and a kitchen mixer tap made of stainless steel can be seen in a kitchen with walls painted in soft yellow.

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Sink companions for a better workflow

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Designed to fit over your sink and free up space on your worktop when needed, these practical and multi-functional kitchen sink accessories help make your daily chores run a little smoother, from rinsing vegetables to washing the dishes.

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A LILLHAVET multifunctional dish rack in anthracite and with dishes on it is standing next to a sink of stainless steel.
A LILLHAVET colander in anthracite has peeled vegetables inside it and is placed in a square sink made of stainless steel.
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Brown wood chopping board with two glass containers, beneath an ÄLMAREN kitchen mixer tap in stainless steel colour.

IKEA taps have a built-in aerator. This mixes in air to maintain a good flow with less water.