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Footstools & pouffes

Find a footstool that's for more than just your feet. Our footstools and pouffes come in a range of different materials like leather, rattan and cotton. Rest your weary feet after a long day, or use its secret storage compartment to store your necessities nearby, but out of sight.

Every home can make great use of an ottoman. It offers seating, storage and style, all in one elegant package. Bring it out when entertaining guests to provide an extra seat. Put down a tray on top and it becomes a snack table for family movie night. A sturdy ottoman can also double as a comfortable footstool (which can help maintain the family peace on sofa chaise lounge seating disagreements).

Check out our wide range of ottomans to find the one that’s right for your home.

Ottomans in many styles

Aside from being practical and versatile, an ottoman can also be a great piece of decorative furniture. In our range, you’ll find ottomans in bold colours, distinct textures and fun shapes that demands your attention. For instance, a rattan pouffe can provide great rustic contrast to an otherwise fabric-heavy design. Or a blue velvet satin footstool can add a luxurious, hotel-lounge look to your living room.

We also offer plain ottomans for a more understated look. A plain grey footrest or a black pouffe will blend in with most interior styles and give you no trouble matching your sofa or armchair.

How do you want to use your ottoman?

When decorating with an ottoman or pouffe, always consider where and how you are planning on using it. The context will determine which kind of ottoman suits you.

Different fabrics do more than convey different styles. They also have different pros and cons. For example, leather is easily wiped down if you have an accidental spill. However, leather or leather imitations can be quite slippery and maybe not the ideal place to put snacks, drinks or tablets.

A cotton or fabric pouffe might be more suitable for creating a soft and cosy extension of your sofa. However, a harder material, like rattan or wood, might be more practical as a coffee table. Whatever your needs, you’ll find the perfect ottoman in our range.