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Mencipta penyelesaian tekstil yang unik dan menambah gaya peribadi kepada kediaman anda adalah semudah memilih fabrik kegemaran anda. Jangan hadkan pilihan anda apabila memilih langsir, alas meja, sarung kusyen atau sarung sofa anda. Kami ada rangkaian luas corak dalam banyak gaya, serta jarum, benang dan lain-lain aksesori menjahit yang boleh membantu menjadikan idea anda suatu kenyataan.

Fabrik & jahitan IKEA


  • Fabrics & sewing – lots of choice to get creative with

    Welcome to our big range of value for money fabrics just waiting for you to unleash your creativity. You’ll find a lot of different styles of fabrics – plain colours, checks and stripes, abstract geometrical patterns. Even fabrics with characters that look like they’ve stepped out of a fairy tale or a home for retired Vikings. They’re mostly made of cotton, but we have some linen/cotton blends, some synthetics, and a plastic-coated cotton fabric called LIALOTTA, which is wipe-clean and perfect for cutting up into tablecloths. As well as the fabrics, we have the equipment you need to get going – scissors, thread and even a starter box with all the basic sewing tools you need.

  • We hope our fabrics inspire you

    Our designers have found their inspiration for these fabrics from lots of different sources – plants in tropical rainforests, the charm of Swedish houses, even the colours and shapes of broken car parts, for example. And now we’re hoping that the fabrics will inspire you to create something that’s unique to you. You could sew a big bag or new cushion covers or a skirt or a cover for your mobile phone. Anything! In fact, you can make things from fabrics even without sewing. If you use our iron-on hemming strip, you can get a nice straight edge on a curtain, for example, without ever having to lift a needle.