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Washing Machines

Good for your clothes and your budget

Developed together with Electrolux, our washing machines have a range of different functions to help you find the one that suits your needs. They’re A to A++ in energy class and A in washing performance, so you’ll save electricity and water. Along with free-standing options, we have an integrated washing machine designed to fit our METOD kitchen base cabinets.

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RENLIG FWM6 washing machine, white Depth: 54.1 cm Height: 84.5 cm Width: 59.6 cm
washing machine
€ 325.00
PRF € 5.00
Depth: 54.1 cm, Height: 84.5 cm, Width: 59.6 cm
RENLIG FWM7 washing machine, black Depth: 54 cm Height: 84.5 cm Width: 59.6 cm
washing machine
€ 450.00
PRF € 5.00
Depth: 54 cm, Height: 84.5 cm, Width: 59.6 cm More options
RENLIG FWM7D5 washer dryer Depth: 64 cm Height: 85 cm Width: 60 cm
washer dryer
€ 650.00
PRF € 5.00
Depth: 64 cm, Height: 85 cm, Width: 60 cm
RENLIG IWM60 integrated washing machine, white Depth: 54.0 cm Height: 82.0 cm Width: 59.6 cm
integrated washing machine
€ 500.00
PRF € 5.00
Depth: 54.0 cm, Height: 82.0 cm, Width: 59.6 cm

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  • Keep clean and fresh with our washing machines

    You’ll have sparkling whites and dazzling colours with our RENLIG washing machines. And at our low prices, you’ll have more left over to buy nice clothes. You can choose from washing machines with different sizes and functions to suit your needs and with either 14 or 20 washing programs. They’re all energy class A or better – good for the planet and your purse. All our washing machines have a delay start function so you can set them to begin washing at low-cost electricity times or just whenever it best suits you. We even have an integrated washing machine that you can put behind a cabinet door that matches the rest of your kitchen.

  • Guaranteed washing machines and more

    All our washing machines come with a five-year everyday quality guarantee, so they’ll keep you in clean clothes for years to come. We also have lots of other things to help you with your laundry too. From laundry bags and baskets in lots of styles and sizes, to drying racks you can attach to the wall, hoist from the ceiling, or stand on the floor. You can collect our washing machines directly in the store but we can also arrange home delivery for you. We can even organise installation for you too. Please ask at your local store for details.