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Find mirrors that reflect your style

Mirrors are more than just useful for checking how your hair’s doing. With their distinctive frames and shapes, they can really enhance your décor. Larger wall mirrors, or smaller ones grouped together, make a room look brighter and bigger. Our different styles and types give you choices for everywhere in your home.

Browse our huge range of mirrors online, then take a trip to your local IKEA Ireland store in Dublin.

EKNE mirror Diameter: 50 cm Height: 60 cm Width: 50 cm
€ 21.00
Diameter: 50 cm, Height: 60 cm, Width: 50 cm
KNAPPER standing mirror, white Depth: 51 cm Height: 160 cm Width: 48 cm
standing mirror
€ 50.00
Depth: 51 cm, Height: 160 cm, Width: 48 cm
BRIMNES mirror with storage, white Depth: 22 cm Height: 138 cm Width: 48 cm
mirror with storage
€ 59.00
Depth: 22 cm, Height: 138 cm, Width: 48 cm
This classic mirror has a real wood veneer finish which gives a natural and homely feel. It would look great in a traditional or contemporary room hung either portrait or landscape.
KRABB mirror Length: 44 cm Width: 40 cm Package quantity: 4 pack
€ 11.00
/4 pack
Length: 44 cm, Width: 40 cm, Package quantity: 4 pack
KRABB mirror Height: 160 cm Width: 20 cm Package quantity: 2 pack
€ 14.00
/2 pack
Height: 160 cm, Width: 20 cm, Package quantity: 2 pack
IKEA PS 2012 mirror, pine Depth: 4.5 cm Height: 118 cm Width: 52 cm
IKEA PS 2012
€ 55.00
Depth: 4.5 cm, Height: 118 cm, Width: 52 cm
MONGSTAD mirror, black-brown Width: 94 cm Height: 190 cm Weight: 30 kg
€ 100.00
Width: 94 cm, Height: 190 cm, Weight: 30 kg
MALMA mirror, black Thickness: 1 cm Height: 25.5 cm Width: 25.5 cm
€ 2.00
Thickness: 1 cm, Height: 25.5 cm, Width: 25.5 cm More options
LOTS mirror Length: 30 cm Width: 30 cm Package quantity: 4 pack
€ 7.00
/4 pack
Length: 30 cm, Width: 30 cm, Package quantity: 4 pack
SÖRLI mirror Thickness: 3 mm Height: 20 cm Width: 20 cm
€ 7.00
/4 pack
Thickness: 3 mm, Height: 20 cm, Width: 20 cm
HÖNEFOSS mirror Width: 18 cm Height: 21 cm Package quantity: 10 pack
€ 15.00
Width: 18 cm, Height: 21 cm, Package quantity: 10 pack
IKEA PS 2014 mirror, light green, birch Diameter: 15 cm Height: 23 cm Width: 23 cm
IKEA PS 2014
€ 11.00
Diameter: 15 cm, Height: 23 cm, Width: 23 cm
RYSSBY 2014 mirror with shelf, zinc plated Depth: 9 cm / 9 cm Width: 21 cm Max. load: 1 kg
mirror with shelf
€ 8.00
Depth: 9 cm / 9 cm, Width: 21 cm, Max. load: 1 kg

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  • Look into our big choice of mirrors

    Welcome to our mirrors. You’ll find a big variety of styles, sizes, shapes and frames - including mirrors that can cope with humid places bathrooms. Mirrors not only let you check how your hair’s doing, but larger ones also add depth to a room and make it appear bigger, brighter and airier. Long wall mirrors are great when you want to see your outfit from head to toe. Smaller mirrors and mirrors with one magnifying side come in useful when you need to get up close and personal during those delicate styling moments. You can even attach some of our vanity mirrors to the wall to save space.

  • Affordable art with mirrors

    Mirrors aren’t just practical. They brighten things up and add a lot to your décor too. As they come in different shapes and frames, you can hang many of our wall mirrors both lengthways and sideways. You can decide how best to have them suit your space and exactly how you want to use them. Check out our sets of small mirrors too. You can put them together on the wall in whatever shape you like. You can make the combination as big as you want by adding more small mirrors. You could even mix in a few pictures or family photos for a unique, affordable work of art.