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Sweet dreams are made of this

Take home a mattress from IKEA and try it for 90 nights. Sleep like a baby – or bring back the mattress and try another with our 90 day 'love or exchange' policy . They’re all super comfy, just in slightly different ways. So our best mattress is the one that feels great for you. For extra layer of comfort, why not add some cosy bedding to snuggle up in.

Sprung mattresses provide good ventilation and distributes your weight evenly, eliminating extra pressure on any one part of the body.
Foam moulds itself to your body and provides firm support while also being soft and resilient. See foam mattresses
3 simple reasons our mattresses will keep you smiling
● Roll packed mattress for easy transportation
● Try it at home for 90 days
● FREE 25 year guarantee
FREE 25-year guaranteeRoll packed mattressTry it for 90 days
Without compromising on quality, most of our mattresses are rolled packed making it easy to fit into your car. Good for your pocket and the environment.
It is important to us that you love your new mattress. So if after a while you discover that it is too firm, too soft or too something else just bring the mattress back and simply change it for another.
Roll packed mattress
Try it for 90 days
FREE 25-year guarantee
A great sign of true quality is guaranting your mattress for 25-Year at no extra cost!
The A to Zzz
dividerdivider See sprung mattressesmattress protector
Add a layer of protection
Once you've found the mattress for you, adding a mattress protector can prolong the life of your mattress most importantly protects your mattress from those unexpected spills.
To find the right mattress for you, you should think about:
Foam or sprung
Your budget
How does it feel
We offer a variety of different mattresses. Deciding if you want a foam or sprung mattress will help you narrow down your choice considerably
We have mattresses to fit every budget - from basic mattresses to mattresses made with high quality natural materials. But you can be sure that every one is designed to give you a good night's sleep.
The most important thing when choosing a mattress is to have a good lie down. You can try our mattress at your local store or try them at home for 90 days.
26 tips to help you start and end the day better
M is for Mattress
There are lots of different types of mattresses out there. Finding the right one will mean there really will be no bed like home. You will sleep better and it could even eliminate back and joint pain in the morning.
Pocket springs move independently of each other and give support that closely follows how your body moves.
Pocket Sprung
See the full list of tips
Man rearranges an IKEA quilt and IKEA pillows in the morning sunlight
A young woman and her daughter wake up in comfy bedding from IKEA
Young woman sitting up in bed, wrapped in a quilt from IKEA, with morning sunshine in the background
Standard and European sizes
More choices to sleep on! We’ve added more sizes to our range of bed frames and mattresses. A selection of your favourite IKEA bed frames now come in both standard and European sizes with mattress and bedding to match.
Choose your bed frame
Treat your bed to a new outfit
As the nights draw in and the colder weather persists, textiles are the easiest way to not only give your room an instant seasonal makeover. Why not dress your bed with love by layering up different colours and textures with a bedspread or throw, and add decoration with cushions.
See our bed textiles