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Purify your air with GUNRID curtains

Good air indoors is as important for your well-being as it is outdoors. But in your home, the products you use and the things you do give off air pollutants. You could reduce these with an electric air purifier. But why not just let your curtains do the job?

Part of a window with a GUNRID air purifying curtain and a vase. Some ornamental grass stems stand on the floor nearby.
Part of a window with a GUNRID air purifying curtain and a vase. Some ornamental grass stems stand on the floor nearby.

How do GUNRID curtains work?

The fabric of the curtains has been treated with a mineral-based coating. This reacts to natural light and breaks down indoor air pollutants such as acetaldehyde. It’s simpler than an electric air purifier, better for your electricity bill and you don’t need to change any filters.

A light grey GUNRID air purifying curtain hangs in front of a sunlit window next to some pampas grass in a vase.

Why develop products like GUNRID curtains?

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Furnishings that help people breathe cleaner air contribute to healthier lives, especially ones like curtains that almost everyone has in their homes. The technology may even be used with other textile products in the future. GUNRID curtains are also made from 100% recycled polyester, which means less impact on the environment and a new life for all those old PET bottles!

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A GUNRID air purifying curtain hangs in a window near a TORARED seagrass pendant lamp and a NORDKISA bedside table.
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    Lots more curtains to choose from

    Combining different curtains to create layers or using them together with blinds can make your window treatments more attractive and practical. Block-out blinds to help you sleep better and sheer curtains can make a good bedroom combination, for example. Check out the full IKEA range of curtains and blinds, including GUNRID curtains in different colours, on the link below.

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    GUNRID air purifying curtains hang in a large room with a stool and a vase. A dog lies on the floor outside the door.
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    Hang GUNRID curtains on curtain track rails?

    Want to hang GUNRID curtains using VIDGA curtain track rails, perhaps with other curtains to get a cosy and practical layer effect? If you do, you can use the VIDGA planner to design it all first and find out what products you’ll need.