Try a cook-along with friends!

 A spacious kitchen that works effortlessly as a shared space

Try a cook-along with friends!

Fancy a change from traditional hosting? We visited Jerzy and Anna, who often invite friends for a different kind of gathering, with each guest bringing ingredients to make a meal together. ‘In our kitchen, several people can cook at once,’ says Jerzy. ‘Between us, we share the effort, cost and fun.’

Spontaneity is a big part of Jerzy and Anna's cooking style

A creative way to cook

Invite each person to bring their own spices, ideas and skills – so the end result will be an interesting mix of everyone.

Set your dinnerware out before guests arrive so everyone can help themselves

Self-serve set up

Before guests arrive, get your cooking equipment and dinnerware ready so everyone can find what
they need and help themselves.

Ask each guest to bring a plate for a variety-filled spread

No-fuss food

Go for a buffet-style table. Each person contributes one part, and the combined result is tasty and exciting.

Step-stools are a handy way to get kids in involved in cooking with adults
An IKEA bench makes a great pretend countertop for children to get hands-on in the kitchen or simply play alongside

Make it easy for kids to join in

Have step-stools handy for the children to get on the cooking action! Even when they’re not making food, they can play alongside you and be close.

Watch the video: See how Jerzy and Anna cook up fun with their friends in their IKEA kitchen.

‘We love cooking as a group. Sharing food with our friends is a joy, but the real treat is spending time together’

Jerzy, architect, Poznań

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