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Tips to organize your bedroom

The bed alone is not enough to rest after a hard day. You need a quiet and relaxing bedroom, so be sure to choose furniture and accessories that suits your taste for a comfortable, clutter-free bedroom.

A bedroom with a trolly on the side
A bedroom with a trolly on the side

I chose this trolly for its beautiful appearance and its easy movement in different places. It can be used in many ways, whether in adult bedrooms or children's rooms. Using it as a night stand because of its two open levels. Things can see through clearly without the need for drawers to hide the things scattered inside. Keeping books on the bottom level to read before bedtime. Prayer rug will be kept there when we finish with the prayer.

The simple change was that iPhone stand and the ring holder. I found this ring holder in the vases section, as it comes a set of 3 animals, I used one of them to hang the ring and gives a nice and functional look as well as keeping the night stand free of clutter. It is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see before bedtime, so it must have a comfortable eye appearance.

I always like to add green touches by using plants in any room or any space adding vitality to the place. So you will find plants everywhere.

Choosing the new black wire lamp shade because it fits the theme and the night stand.

I used this new green carpet from the new collec-tion. I fixed a frame that fits the design and was not difficult to put or remove. The water bottle and the plant will add the green touch to the room.

Made by

Professional Organizer: Sara Alissa, SORTED
Photographer: Bashair Althubaity
Writer: Ashraf Muhi Alddin

Location: IKEA Al Salam Mall, Jeddah