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Tips to organize your bathroom

The bathroom is an essential part of our daily wake-up routine; It is our first station before we start a new day - So it needs some attention to make it both cozy and re-laxing to start our day filled with energy and wellbeing.

Tips to organize your bathroom
Tips to organize your bathroom

In any bathroom, the wash-basin area should be always clear of clutter for easier cleaning. Here, I used the space on the wall with round wooden shelves specified primari-ly for frames. Placing a plant pot on one of them and a small dish to keep the rings while washing our hands on the other one.

I also used this shelf allocated for frames to keep the daily basis cosmetics within our fingertips. The same thing for “S” hooks which I used to hang the shower sponge on. It is a simple change but makes things close and clear, not to get suffered when looking for or lose it.

Using a trolly was an advantage, as it can move around and be used in many ways. Here in the bathroom I used it to keep cosmetics and makeup brushes.

Keeping lenses and eye drops in this labeled set of con-tainers will help me to allocate a place for each item. So when I want to use lenses, it will be easy to carry that whole set, and put it back in place when I am done with it.

The mini-compartment tray helps me organizing my dai-ly used cosmetics. Not all the people has the same amount of cosmetics. The first level was dedicated for things used on a daily basis. Each piece is clear and in place. The last level can be used for women's items.

Finally, I put this bathmat as well as wooden labeled bot-tles that fit the design to keep cream and soap. This will gives a nicer and comfortable eye appearance than keeping them in its original packaging with a lot of brands.

You can't use too many plants, as you can see I put a plant in the trolly and on the shelf as well as next to the mirror. These two paintings will fit the place as they are inspiring of beauty. The lamp was there before, so was the rest of the things. Also putting the appropriate towels for the place. I hope that helps by expressing the concept of small changes, a big impact.

Made by
Professional Organizer: Sara Alissa, SORTED
Photographer: Bashair Althubaity
Writer: Ashraf Muhi Alddin
Location: IKEA Al Salam Mall, Jeddah