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Three ideas for easy summer living

This summer, blur the lines between indoor and out. Discover the new range of natural materials, earthy colours and flexible furniture inspired by the freedom of the great outdoors…

A blue bedspread in a camper van looking out onto the mountains.
A blue bedspread in a camper van looking out onto the mountains.

Choose better for the environment GULVED is a two-sided bedspread offering versatility that doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. Made with sustainable materials inside and out, the bedspread is 100 percent linen (from responsibly sourced flax fibre) on the top side, 100 percent cotton on the other, and is filled with 95 percent recycled PET wadding.

Make the most of multiple functions The FRIDAFORS table has many uses. Not only is it a space-saving side table (its legs, made from responsibly sourced rubberwood, fold flat so it’s easy to stack away), the FRIDAFORS also has a removable tabletop that doubles as a tray. After you’ve prepared a snack in the kitchen, pick up the tray by its handles and head out to eat alfresco!

Be inspired by earth’s resources For the rustic FRANSINE cushion, made from a mix of natural wool, acrylic and cotton, designer Jennifer Idrizi was inspired by the Incas, who held textiles in high regard and used natural colouring to dye their cloth. So whether it’s a camping adventure or an afternoon spent in the garden, take FRANSINE with you.

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