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How to setup play area for teenager

The left part of that space was devoted to study and enjoying their hobbies. I have hung the laptop support to use it when reading, studying, or listening to music. You can take the laptop support and sit on the chair and work on it. 

Books are located at the bottom of the cabinet as well as games. The middle area is dedicated for playing games.

I hung the PlayStation game controllers on the inner side of the cabinet door. On the right side, there is a snack corner where on the table top there are some wooden bowls for placing their watch and keys as well as various accessories. The bottom part will be used to store tools for eating snacks or breakfast and everything you need.

I also used the S-shaped hook on the cabinet door to hang the headphone to be within reach when using the laptop for listening to music through those headphones. 

Made by

Professional Organizer: Sara Alissa, SORTED
Photographer: Bashair Althubaity
Writer: Ashraf Muhi Alddin
Location: IKEA Al Salam Mall, Jeddah