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Home visit: easy resolutions for a feelgood year

Make a fresh start this new year, with resolutions that are easy to keep. When we visited Eva’s home, she showed us how small changes give her wellbeing a boost each day.

Eva sits at the kitchen table drinking tea from a glass pot.
Eva sits at the kitchen table drinking tea from a glass pot.

A positive start

To support her body clock’s natural rhythm, Eva turns the lights down low 30 minutes before bed to prepare her body and mind for sleep. In the morning, she practises yoga to give her mood and circulation a boost, then uses herbal scents in the bathroom to wake up her senses and feel energised. Eva sets the tone for the day with small ‘wins’, like making the bed before she leaves.

My bedroom is my sanctuary. At night, it’s where I shut the door on the rest of the world. But in the morning, it helps to let the new day in as soon as I wake up


I use the bathroom as a place for relaxing, not rushing. We bottle up homemade bath soaks infused with herbs to fill the room with a fresh, invigorating fragrance


I like to do yoga outdoors, the cold air helps clear my mind. To find your inner calm, sit with your legs crossed, hands on knees, with your head and spine aligned, and hold for one minute


I start the day with a cup of herbal tea to give my metabolism a boost. Peppermint is known for its digestive properties, and chamomile tea is full of antioxidants


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