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Home visit: a small-space country-style cottage

Interior designer Amanda renovated her tiny cottage on a tight budget. You don’t need a lots of money – or lots of space – to create a home you love.

A living room decorated in country style.
A living room decorated in country style.

One-room living

When one space has to work as three rooms, use your furniture to define areas. ‘I use my HEMNES cabinet as a pantry, so it’s really part of the kitchen/dining area. Having the sofa away from the wall creates a kind of hallway that zones the spaces.’

Mix open and closed storage

Amanda chose open shelving for her tiny kitchen. ‘I thought top cupboards would look too heavy. I covered the fridge with a curtain to stop it spoiling the country look.’ She added the half-height wall to create a U-shaped kitchen and an extra worktop.

Give space to your passions

Rethink a room’s purpose. ‘Everyone said the spare bedroom should be a walk-in wardrobe, but I’m more into crafts than clothes. I’m old-fashioned, I love being able to make things myself! Having this crafts study means downstairs is just for relaxing.’ 

Create a calm bedroom

Keep your sleep space simple. ‘Downstairs has to do so many different things, but the bedroom is nice and simple – it’s just my bedroom. I focus on making it look really comfortable and calm, with layers of blankets, some greenery and low lighting.’

Make-it-yourself home

When did your interest in interiors start?
Growing up, my twin and I shared a room. We divided it with wicker screens so we could each decorate our own side! When I went to uni to study interior architecture, I couldn’t wait to have my own room for the first time. I’ll always love changing and updating things. Wherever I live, it will never be ‘finished’ – that’s just not me.
Describe your style?
I’ve always loved traditional, country style – I can’t help it. My friends all have more modern styles and I really like their ideas. But in this old house, traditional feels right.
How do you approach interior design?
I love finding inspiration in other people’s homes, but I don’t want my home to look the same as everyone else’s, so I always make changes to things. IKEA is great for that because it’s so easy to make it your own.

    Take a tour of Amanda’s newly renovated cottage.

    Many rooms in one

    ‘Everyone is always suprised by how spacious the first floor is. So the downstairs was my biggest challenge – creating kitchen, living-room and dining areas in one open-plan space. I’ve used furniture, rugs, lighting and textiles to make it work.’

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    Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
    Photographer: Christina Bull