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Home visit: a cosy home for extended family

Per and Hannah live with their three children in a house, while grandpa lives in a small house in their garden. Welcome to their home, where cosiness rules, childhood is celebrated, and young imaginations can run free.

A living room with family on a blue sofa, lighting, shelving and a world map on the wall.
A living room with family on a blue sofa, lighting, shelving and a world map on the wall.

Plan the living room around time together

The family moved their living room from upstairs to downstairs when eldest son Jack moved into a bedroom of his own. Despite its small size, the room does a lot. A comfy sofa and cushions are perfect for relaxing, and a storage table is handy for toys when they’re not in use. ‘We like how small it is – it’s cosy, and we like to be close,’ says Hannah.

Create a flexible kitchen for family

The kitchen was the first room the couple fixed, swapping shelves and different sized cabinets for deep drawers that would be practical for the kids. They used IKEA BODBYN cabinets, and Per also made an island from IKEA cabinets and added wheels so they could change the space. ‘It follows our life,’ says Hannah.

Remember that feeling you had as a kid that the world is magical? That’s what I want to capture in our home


I’m not hysterical about interiors, but it’s important to me that our home brings us joy. It’s a place to de-stress and play


Give kids room to grow

In Lo and Juno’s shared bedroom, Hannah chose extendable bed frames to see them through growth spurts, while book storage at the foot of the bed makes it easy for them to grab a story at any time of day. ‘It’s good for children to learn to entertain themselves,’ she says.

Bring the generations together

Earlier this year, the family invited Hannah’s father, Jari, to live with them, building him a small house in their garden to ensure everyone had some privacy. Jari keeps his room simple but comfortable, with layered bedlinen and cushions for cosiness. And his door is always open to visitors: ‘He and Juno are best friends,’ says Hannah.

Change your home to fit family

In four years here, the family has grown and their needs and priorities have changed. The living room has switched location three times and become the most important space for family time since Jack got his own room and Jari moved in. ‘It’s partly need, but it’s also energising,’ says Hannah. ‘I read that it’s good for the brain to change what it sees every day.’

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