EVEDAL: set the mood with mid-century modern lamps

A double-layered glass pendant lamp with brass detail in a pink room.

EVEDAL: set the mood with mid-century modern lamps

British designer Aaron Probyn was inspired by retro Scandinavian interiors to create a new lighting series that combines beautiful, high-quality materials with clever functionality.

Perfect form Giving a nod to mid-century design, the EVEDAL table lamp and pendant stand out with marble and brass details. Adding to its unique look, the table lamp features double-layered glass with an outer grey dome to create a soft glow.

Set the mood The EVEDAL table lamp has a stylish brass dimmer switch so you can soften the mood or create a more intense light, depending on your activity. While the EVEDAL pendant lamp has a textile cord and adjustable suspension so you can get the light at just the right height to suit your room.

A portrait of Aaron Probyn.

Mid-century meets modern design This is Aaron Probyn’s first lighting range for IKEA. ‘I always want to design products that feel timeless, both in shape and material. The EVEDAL series is inspired by Scandinavian design from the mid-20th century. I think it has a beautifully poetic look.’

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