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Enter a world of fun and games with LUSTIGT

Play makes the world bigger for children and adults; it sparks infinite possibilities and contributes to a better everyday life at home. Lose yourself in play with the new LUSTIGT collection of toys and games.

A colourful illustration of a fantasy city.
A colourful illustration of a fantasy city.

The latest IKEA global Play Report found that play is a vital way to learn – it shapes who we are, makes us stronger, more creative and more active. ‘That’s why we want to encourage more play in life,’ says Amanda Lundqvist of Children’s IKEA. The new LUSTIGT collection of toys and games embraces the freedom of unrestricted play.Ranging from mind-focusing games that develop logical thinking to high-energy activities to get everyone moving, all the games have one thing in common – there’s no start or end and no set rules.

In a time when both children and adults live a rather stressful existence, play involves undemanding moments when nobody needs to prove anything

Amanda Lundqvist, Children’s IKEA

The world that many of the LUSTIGT games are based on was conceived by design agency Vår: ‘Vår is very good at creating imaginary worlds, rich in details that conjure up a sense of endlessness where the play can go on and on,’ says James Futcher, creative leader for LUSTIGT.

For all the designers working on the LUSTIGT collection, it was important to make sure each game was timeless and made from materials that last or can be easily recycled

LUSTIGT was created by a group of eight designers, including Maria Vinka, Andreas Fredriksson, Sarah Fager and Henrik Preutz (pictured), who had help from his seven-year-old daughter. ‘Like all children, she has a lot of imagination and likes to make up her own rules. That’s why I developed the dart game, and other games, in a way that allows you to play without having to stick to any predetermined rules.’

Let the games begin! The full LUSTIGT range is in-store now