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Arrange your lounge to be ready for welcoming guests

You can arrange this lounge to be ready for welcoming your guests when they arrive at any time. Placing two coffee tables enables you to use one of them and move it around to place coffee cups, or have breakfast or snacks.

This sofa has a large storage area. This helps you storing extra pillows, duvets and baskets that your guests can use to place their personal belongings. Providing such things as bed linen, towels, soap and shampoo gives your guests a sense of welcome to stay overnight in the place.

Your guests can use the additional two baskets for their personal belongings. And put their mobile phone and its chargers in the other one.

Adding an illumination unit that lights up automatically when the storage place is opened, allows you to clearly see the items that are placed in that space.

You might want to use that table in a different way. It's a side table that you can turn around and use it as a seating table to place your coffee cup, books, magazines, tablet, or anything else.

You would like that table, as it is an addition to the coffee table so that you can move it around in the room as you wish.

It is possible to place a travel kit containing cosmetics and other bottles that are used and refilled as necessary such as shampoo, hair conditioner and other things. It is also nice and more beautiful to put green touches that add joy, happiness and vitality to the place.

Using baskets here gives you more storage under the coffee table. So that you can store pillows and blankets for your guests as well as other additional items.

Made by

Professional Organizer: Sara Alissa, SORTED
Photographer: Bashair Althubaity
Writer: Ashraf Muhi Alddin
Location: IKEA Al Salam Mall, Jeddah