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Toys & play

There’s nothing complicated about the play. The only energy needed is your child’s. Our safe, fun kids toys, including wooden toys motivate kids to develop fine social skills, and logical thinking through role play. Take a look on toys storage box IKEA to add to your purchase of soft toys online.

A new toy to suit every personality

Whether you have a budding artist in your house or the next professional high-jumper, toys like this new foam obstacle course or these colourful art supplies will keep your little one creative, entertained and happy. And while your little one is busy, you can put your feet up and get some precious me-time.

In a dark pink room, two small children are playing and jumping over peices of a SKRATTMÅS obstacle course.
Against a pink background is a SOLFÅGEL colour chart, pencil case and a paper with a drawing of a girl on it.

Let’s play grown-ups!

It’s fun to be like daddy or mummy. Especially when they’re doing exciting chores like cooking or cleaning. Okay, maybe not so fun for adults, but your little one will love having their own DUKTIG kitchen. And while they experiment on their “cooking”, you have your hands free to focus on the family meal.

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A parent and child play together in a light-filled room. A DUKTIG child’s kitchen is against a white wall by a coloured rug.
A close-up of a DUKTIG childrens kitchen showing a sink with mugs inside and a hib with saucepans and a ladel.
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