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Toys & play

There’s nothing complicated about the play. The only energy needed is your child’s. Our safe, fun kids toys, including wooden toys motivate kids to develop fine social skills, and logical thinking through role play. Take a look on toys storage box IKEA to add to your purchase of soft toys online.

Who's coming to the party?

The more, the merrier may be true for many occasions – but some celebrations call for a smaller crowd. Like a colourful play picnic with a few select friends and delicious-looking (but inedible) food gathered on a nearby patch of grass.

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A vibrant children's picnic with DUKTIG multicolour glasses, KALAS mixed-colour plates, toy food and a FABLER BJÖRN soft toy.
A picnic blanket set with DUKTIG multicolour glasses, KALAS mixed-colour plates, toy food and wrapped gifts.
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Part toy storage, part football stadium

Going instantly from idea to action is one of the wonders of childhood. With a goal that also safeguards all you need to play, the match is on before the ref finds the whistle. (Luckily, the arena is dismantled in an instant, too.)

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A black-and-white SPARKA toy football on a green PLUFSIG gym mat placed in front of a blue SPORTSLIG toy goal with storage.
A SPORTSLIG toy goal with storage, its zippered mesh front halfway down, with a black-and-white SPARKA toy football in it.
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For small artists on the go

With MÅLA portable drawing case the little creator is good to go when the right mood arrives – or for some quality time together.

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Rolls of paper and an open MÅLA portable drawing case holding art materials sitting on another closed portable drawing case.
A corner of the drawing board on the back of a MÅLA portable drawing case, with a glass of pink water and a brush nearby.
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Four LADDA rechargeable batteries, HR6 AA with a battery capacity of 2450 mAh, lie in a row on a yellow surface.

Find out how rechargeable batteries can help you make sure your kid’s toys don’t stop during all the fun.

Play with clay – simple and genius

Schoolwork and (a little bit of) screen time is all good – but there’s something special about handing children a lump of modelling dough and seeing where creativity takes them. An artful cityscape? A monster contest? Or, where indeed?

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A child’s table filled with figures made of MÅLA modelling dough and paper houses made from a MÅLA cardboard template set.
A tabletop filled with MÅLA wax crayons, figures of MÅLA mixed-colour modelling dough, and MÅLA cardboard town templates.
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