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When you buy towels online, you search for softness and styles. Check our wide collection of colors and sizes for bath towels and hand towels to add a silky touch to your bathroom towels. Upgrade your set and buy IKEA towels that are absorbent for a drying job done well. Buy towels online.

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More variantsDIMFORSEN Bath sheet 100x150 cm

DIMFORSEN Hand towel, grey, 40x70 cmDIMFORSEN Bath towel, grey, 70x140 cmDIMFORSEN Bath sheet, turquoise, 100x150 cm

More variantsSALVIKEN Hand towel 40x70 cm

SALVIKEN Hand towel, anthracite, 40x70 cmSALVIKEN Bath towel, anthracite, 70x140 cmSALVIKEN Washcloth, anthracite, 30x30 cm

More variantsVÅGSJÖN Bath towel 70x140 cm

VÅGSJÖN Hand towel, light beige, 40x70 cmVÅGSJÖN Bath sheet, blue, 100x150 cmVÅGSJÖN Hand towel, dark grey, 40x70 cm

More variantsVÅGSJÖN Hand towel set B

VÅGSJÖN Hand towel set AVÅGSJÖN Hand towel set C

More variantsVÅGSJÖN Hand/bath towels set G

VÅGSJÖN Hand/bath towels set IVÅGSJÖN Hand/bath towels set H

More variantsFREDRIKSJÖN Bath sheet 100x150 cm

FREDRIKSJÖN Washcloth, dark blue, 30x30 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Bath sheet, dark blue, 100x150 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Hand towel, dark grey, 40x70 cm

More variantsHIMLEÅN Hand towel 40x70 cm

HIMLEÅN Bath sheet, dark blue/mélange, 100x150 cmHIMLEÅN Bath sheet, brown-red/mélange, 100x150 cmHIMLEÅN Bath towel, dark grey/mélange, 70x140 cm
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