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Sofas & armchairs

When the living room is also your bedroom

Do you have a round-the-clock room that sees plenty of action during the day, and needs plenty of calm in the evening? A sofa-bed that easily transforms into a comfortable bed does the trick. With block-out curtains, cosy textiles and warm lighting, you’re all set for a good night’s sleep.

See all sofa-beds
See all sofa-beds

ÄPPLARYD sofa – Elegant simplicity with plenty of comfort and style

Say hello to ÄPPLARYD sofa: sleek lines, spacious seats for reclining and lying down, soft covers in beautiful colours, all wrapped up in an elegant, modern design. What’s not to love?

See the ÄPPLARYD series
See the ÄPPLARYD series

Sofas in different styles and sizes

ÄPPLARYD series – Elegant simplicity with sleek lines and spacious seats
BACKSÄLEN series – Plenty of charm and comfort with deep seats, removable covers and arms that open up like a hug
EKTORP series – Timeless design, rounded edges, wonderfully thick, comfy cushions, and covers that are easy to change
VIMLE series – Modular design which you can customise to fit your space, with loads of hidden storage
GRÖNLID series – An extra deep sectional sofa with soft and moveable back cushions
SÖDERHAMN series – Sofas, armchairs and chaise longues with a sleek and modular design that you can combine in many ways

Nothing can be more relaxing than sinking into a comfortable sofa at the end of the day. Browse a whole range of 2-seater to 6-seater sofas from our collection and add a touch of cosiness to any room. We also have benches with storage and armchairs too. All covers are machine-washable and durable.