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Children's textiles

With a wide choice of patterns and colours, our children’s textiles add a personal touch to a room. Many have different designs on each side, so you can flip them and instantly get a new look. And all our cotton comes from more sustainable sources, which is good for your child and our planet, too.

Bed linen that’s perfect for play time too

Circus acrobats and bears are just some of the fun characters your little ones will meet on our children’s bed linen sets. Always made from soft cotton that’s gentle on their skin, they’re ready to take your children on flights of fancy when they’re wide awake, as well as drifting off.

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A MINNEN extendable bed piled up with bedding covered in circus-inspired BUSENKEL bed linen with a BUSENKEL rug beside it.
    A child walking across a VAMDRUP flatwoven rug towards a bedroom door holding a teddy and wrapped in BRUMMIG bed linen.
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      Soft touches that make every day better

      From the morning when they jump out of bed and put their feet on a soft rug, to the end of the day when they drift off to sleep in fresh bed linen with a fun pattern, you can make life better for your kids with children’s textiles.

      A FLISAT children’s stool that has some books on top with two of its legs on a grey HIMMELSK rug with star pattern.
      A pillow and duvet in a BARNDRÖM pillowcase and duvet cover with a forest animal pattern lie on a bed.
        A beige BARNDRÖM cushion with pocket and a cat’s face and ears lies on a MINNEN extendable bed with BARNDRÖM bed linen.
          A MÖJLIGHET cushion with a pattern of blue dots lies on top of a duvet inside a MÖJLIGHET duvet cover with a mosaic pattern.
          Two LEN curtains and a FRIDANS roller blind hang in a window. Various soft toys peek out from behind one of the curtains.
          A GOSIG GOLDEN soft toy dog lies on a pillow on a SUNDVIK extendable bed with BUSENKEL bed linen in a child’s bedroom.
            The legs and feet of a child who is wearing socks and striped pyjamas and dancing on a BUSENKEL harlequin/multicolour rug.
              A pillow in a green BARNDRÖM pillowcase with a cat pattern lies on a bed with matching bed linen and a white cushion.