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LED lights

A new bulb that’s small and smart

Big news for small lampshades! Now there’s a smart TRÅDFRI LED bulb that’s designed to fit inside them, too. You can dim it and change the tone of the light with a remote control or connect it to the DIRIGERA hub and control it with an app on your phone.

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A chair stands at an IDANÄS drop-leaf table. A TÄLLBYN pendant lamp with 3 lamps hangs over the table.
    A TÄLLBYN table lamp stands on a white HAUGA desk which is in front of a window at the foot of a flight of stairs.
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      Nine SOLHETTA LED bulbs, which are in different sizes and shapes, are hanging in front of a dark green background.

        Meet energy efficient, long-lasting SOLHETTA LED bulbs

        They last approximately 25 000 hours, or 20 years when used 3 hours a day, and are 35% more energy efficient than previous IKEA LED bulbs. Saving energy has never been more convenient – or more affordable.

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