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Terms and conditions

Living room offer - Terms & conditions: 


  1. This offer is valid for Online & In-store purchases and is available during the offer duration only.
  2. Offer Start date: 22nd November 2023 Offer End date: 09th December 2023
  3. The Offer is only available for purchases on selected offer products, subject to stock availability during the Offer duration.
  4. The Offer is not available outside of the Offer Dates. 
  5.  IKEA reserves the right to adjust prices, products, product descriptions for offer products during offer duration at any time and at our discretion.
  6. All returns post offer period on the offer applied products are subject to IKEA’s current returns policy; however, any refunds will take this offer into account.

IKEA Shopping Online:

These are the general terms and conditions which apply to your purchase of goods from IKEA Shop Online through our website at It is available on the IKEA website “IKEA Shopping Online” page.

IKEA Shop Online, when we talk about IKEA in these terms and conditions we refer to it by using (the pronoun “we”, and its derivatives). When we use (the pronoun “you” and its derivatives), we mean a user shopping from IKEA and buying its products.

In addition to these general terms and conditions, there are other important legal conditions concerning the return policy and Cancellation policy. To agree on these general terms and conditions means your approval and your commitment to the return policy, which are all part of a legally binding contract between us and you. You must read these general terms and conditions and return policy carefully before buying anything from IKEA Shop Online.

We reserve the right to change the general terms and conditions and return policy at any time. Any changes in terms and conditions will apply to all new orders after posting the changes on IKEA Shop Online page. You should review the general terms and conditions and return policy posted on IKEA Shop Online page before each request.

If you have any questions concerning these general terms and conditions, return policy, cancellation policy, products, or “IKEA Shop Online”, please contact us and talk to one of our representatives in “IKEA Shop Online” on this number: 80045321

Information about “IKEA Shop Online” and our products

Using our website (even without buying any of our products) means your approval and commitment to these terms and conditions.

We strive to ensure the accuracy and validity of all information contained on the IKEA website, including product descriptions and prices contained, at all times. However, errors may occur. We shall try to correct all errors and information on the IKEA website ASAP, if we find that this error has any impact on your order we shall try to inform you.

You should keep in mind that “IKEA Shop Online” provides a different shopping experience than buying from the physical store. You have to be aware of:

Our services:

We sell IKEA products and services for IKEA products, through our website or through our stores.


The colors of products shown on the website depend on many factors - including display settings used on the site; products' shapes and sizes. It may appear different in reality than on the screen. We provide dimensions and measurements with the descriptions of products, it is your responsibility to ensure that the actual size of each product fits your purpose.


Photos on the website are for illustration purposes only, in order to obtain an accurate description of any product and its details you should read the product description listed.

All products

All products depend on their availability in stock, which means the inability to meet your order in case of its absence. Products shown for sale are prone to be stopped from sale either online or in stores at any time. It is our responsibility, in such cases, to pay you back any amount you have paid for products you did not receive;

Promotion offers and products

Promotion offers and products on the IKEA website may not be all available in stores and vice versa.

Our product prices on our website are the same as those listed in our catalog and in our stores. Sometimes, you may find a difference in price, when there are different promotions in stores or on our website.

Validity of information

IKEA assumes the validity of the information provided by the customer; the customer in return is held responsible for the accuracy of his personal information and data required to complete the purchase. The customer assumes responsibility in case he provides any incorrect information. IKEA Oman shall not be responsible if otherwise happens.


We shall do our best to have our website free from any viruses, you have to make sure to use the appropriate programs and software for detecting viruses and any other malicious content online on your computer or smartphone.

Be cautious!! You may encounter many pseudo-IKEA websites, which may seem similar to the official website, and claim to sell our products. IKEA is not responsible for any fraud or fraudulent attempts by other websites. The official Oman IKEA website is

Available Services

We have the right at any time to modify, stop selling, stop services, sell any of our products, stop online shopping temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. In case our service stops after payment, we shall refund you, in accordance with the return policy- refund.


It is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your login and password, and all other data related to your account at all times. You agree to notify us as soon as you know about any suspected or presence of any risk to the security of your account.

The eligibility to order and purchase our products

Unless you are 18 years old or older you may not purchase from the IKEA Sultanate of Oman. The delivery address must be in the Sultanate of Oman. You should provide a valid email, a cell phone number that you can be contacted easily.

Although we sell children’s products, they must be purchased by adults only; All products sold by “IKEA Shop Online” are for personal use only; none of these products are authorized for commercial or industrial use unless it is explicitly stated.

Order to purchase products

Please check our “IKEA Shop Online” guide for more information about the steps of purchasing our products. Your order represents an offer to purchase products from IKEA. When you order more than one item your order represents a set of offers for each product separately.

Both your act of assigning the webpage and your personal email is considered a confirmation for the final order that you have sent to IKEA Shop Online. Please pay attention when placing your order, since you may not be able to modify or add any more products after we send you your confirmation email.
In case you desire to modify your order after you complete your purchase, you may incur additional costs.

Purchase requisition approval contains the product details that you have ordered, the total cost of comprehensive delivery, assembly, and order number. You should print a copy of these general terms and conditions, along with the return policy, and cancellation policy then keeps them in a safe place. You will need to refer to this data when you contact us with your request.

Acceptance of the purchase order:

Although we hope we can provide all products ordered, we reserve the right, in our estimation, without giving any reasons, not to accept any purchase order at any time (prior to delivery of your order). In case we refuse your order, we shall notify you as soon as possible; of any amount owed.


you may pay for the products that you purchase in any way contained in the manual through “how to pay online?” Installment is a service offered by the Bank that issued your credit card. Service fees and installment periods may vary according to the Bank. We, in IKEA, are not responsible for any installment fees imposed by the Bank.

We shall get the amount to be paid from your card at the time you submit the purchase order. We shall contact you if we run into any trouble collecting the amount of the purchase made. The collection of order value does not mean acceptance of the purchase, in the event of non-acceptance of your order, you will be refunded the full amount as soon as possible (and in any event within three working days of the notice of rejecting your order).

We are responsible for the refund to your Bank. The date of refund to your credit card may differ according to your Bank. (It may take from (1) business day to (3) weeks). If you cancel your installment service, IKEA will not be responsible for any assembly fees that may incur from the credited bank. (Please check with your Bank)


All prices listed on “IKEA Shop Online” are IKEA prices unless otherwise stated. The prices listed do not include delivery or assembly fees. Delivery and assembly fees will be added to the total price of your order according to the following paragraph.

The price that you paid for your products is the price of “IKEA Shop Online” when you ordered your purchase; unless these terms and conditions stated otherwise.

In most cases, the delivery fees that you paid are those provided by “IKEA Shop Online” when you placed your order. Delivery fees will be calculated according to your location, measurements, weight, size, nature, and the value of your product. For more information concerning delivery fees please refer to our delivery information.

Product availability

Although we constantly check the accuracy of our stock on “IKEA Shop Online” and its compatibility with the physical inventory in our warehouse, errors may occur. If we discover any stock error with any product you ordered, we shall inform you as soon as possible.

Delivery & assembly

  • Please ensure that electricity and A/C are available and in working status before the delivery date.
  • No accessories (e.g. mirrors, wall shelves, picture frames,) will be fixed to the wall.
  • Due to stability and safety issues, wall cabinets can only be mounted on concrete walls.
  • Curtain and blind installation are not included can only be booked from the store.
  • Electrical installation is not included and can be requested at your nearest store. 
  • The request for rescheduling delivery & assembly can only be postponed, and that request should be sent within 48 hrs. Prior date. And it will be to the next available slot.

Cash On Delivery

You can pay for your Online orders with Cash on Delivery.

  • Cash on Delivery is available on all products sold on
  • Cash on Delivery cannot be used in conjunction with your Debit Card / Credit Card.
  •  Cash on Delivery is not available for Click & Collect orders.
  • Payment for Cash on Delivery will only be accepted in the local currency (Omani Riyal), as displayed during checkout.
  • Cash on Delivery will not be available if your order value exceeds 500 OMR.
  • Once your Cash on Delivery order is confirmed, partial cancellation is unfortunately not possible. You can instead choose to cancel your entire order and place a new order.
  • You are requested to allow our service provider to collect the cash prior to providing delivery and/or assembly services.
  • You are requested to keep the exact change available at the time of delivery for the smooth fulfillment of your order.
  • Refunds and Exchanges for all items purchased with Cash on Delivery are issued instore.
  • In case you identify an item missing from your order, you may notify us within a maximum period of 2 days from the date of delivery.

Online planning services - bundles:

Standard (IKEA Family price: OMR 40, Regular price: OMR 50) Price Per Room - 20 square meter.

  • Customer to provide measurements and layout
  • Sketch for the floor layout plan with the furniture
  • Choice of textile (Rugs, cushions, & curtains)
  • Accessories and lighting


Advanced (IKEA Family price: OMR 60, Regular price: 80 OMR) Price Per Room - 20 square meter.

  • Measurements
  • Floor layout plan with the funiture
  • Product collage 
  • Choice of textile (Rugs, cushions, & curtains)
  • Sections
  • 3D views 
  • Accessories 
  • Paint recommendations
  • Measurements for home delivery

Kitchen assembly terms & conditions: 

  • Please make sure someone is available on the scheduled delivery day and time.
  • Requests to reschedule delivery and installation times must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance.
  • The products must be able to be brought into the house in their original packaging (the size of the entrance door, the elevator, the corridors of the building). IKEA will not deliver kitchen furniture and appliances using the staircase.
  • Please ensure that all obstructions are removed from the way of work; like frames, cabinets, and any other hanging pieces.
  • Please make sure there is power supply/AC and good ventilation before the delivery date.
  • IKEA will not disassemble, move or remove any furniture that is already on site, whether it is an IKEA product or not.
  • For reasons of safety and durability, wall cabinets will only be hung on concrete/tile walls.
  • IKEA will not carry out any plumbing work or installation of water pipes, gas connections or electrical connections/sockets.
  • For safety reasons, the IKEA delivery and assembly team will always wear safety shoes during installing the kitchen
  • IKEA is not responsible for any claims related to damage to products or wrong or missing products after the products have been delivered/installed and the customer has signed for the receipt.
  • Ensure there is no construction work on the assembly site.


Kitchen appliances terms & conditions:

  • The IKEA installation team will install only new IKEA appliances. 
  • In the event that you buy kitchen appliances from IKEA for a kitchen other than IKEA kitchens, the IKEA team will only deliver it without installing it.
  • Customers must ensure that the ampere capacity/voltage of the devices and plugs meet the requirements of the devices. IKEA will not be liable for damages to the appliances in this regard.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to read the user manual and warranty document provided in the packaging of the respective device for proper care instructions.