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Turn up the mood in your home with IKEA lamps. Whether it's floor lamps, work lamps, or table lamps, each adds a touch of life to your room. Explore our diverse collection, including table lamps and bedroom lights, to make your selection. Elevate your space with additional string lights!

This new lamp is an IKEA classic

When designing the new TRETTIOEN pendant lamp, we copied ourselves. You see, the TRETTIOEN pendant lamp is a timeless classic loved by millions of our customers. So, why re-invent the wheel? The updated version is made from steel and gives the same pleasant direct light as its predecessor.

Three white TRETTIOEN pendant lamps hang at different heights in a space with a blue and an orange wall.
The silhouette of a white TRETTIOEN pendant lamp against a grey/blue background.

Cloudy with a chance of cosiness

The VINDKAST lamps have a fluffy cloud-like design that gives out a soft and glare-free light. Pendant lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp – place them anywhere you like and combine them to create a dreamy atmosphere across the home.

A children’s room with white furniture, a rug, some toys and a VINDKAST pendant lamp hanging from the ceiling.
A child in her bed pointing a remote control at a lit VINDKAST pendant lamp on the ceiling of a bedroom with green walls.
A part of a VINDKAST pendant lamp hanging from a ceiling and giving out a warm light.
A lit VINDKAST table lamp placed on a desk next to a plant in a pot and in front of a framed painting.
A dark living room lit up by a white VINDKAST floor lamp placed next to a grey sofa and in front of a wall with some posters.

Our shiniest lamp yet

There is nothing subtle about the new ACKJA table lamp. The chrome-plated lamp base is all about creating a statement. Simply combine with a decorative light bulb to create a style and mood to suit your personality and space.

There is a neatly arranged row of ACKJA table lamps, with different bulbs, against a terracotta-coloured wall.
A part of an ACKJA table lamp is seen, showing where the upper and lower metal-sheen hemispheres meet in a wasp waist.