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Hooks & wall organisation

Don’t know what to do with hand towels, pot holders, and oven gloves? Think vertical and start using your walls to free up space and keep your home a bit tidier or hang wall clocks. Wall storage and wall organization is something we truly believe in at IKEA, and we make sure that you can customize it after your needs.

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More variantsMOSSLANDA Picture ledge 115 cm

MOSSLANDA Picture ledge, white stained pine effect, 115 cmMOSSLANDA Picture ledge, birch effect, 55 cmMOSSLANDA Picture ledge, walnut effect, 55 cm

More variantsSKÅDIS Pegboard 76x56 cm

SKÅDIS Pegboard, wood, 56x56 cmSKÅDIS Pegboard, wood, 76x56 cmSKÅDIS Pegboard, black, 56x56 cm

More variantsBERGSHULT Shelf 120x30 cm

BERGSHULT Shelf, brown-black, 80x30 cmBERGSHULT Shelf, brown-black, 120x30 cmBERGSHULT Shelf, white, 80x30 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Shelf 60x40 cm

BOAXEL Shelf, oak effect, 80x40 cm

More variantsSKÅDIS Container

SKÅDIS Container, grey

More variantsSKÅDIS Hook

SKÅDIS Hook, white

More variantsBOAXEL Clothes rail 80 cm

BOAXEL Clothes rail, white, 60 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Drying rack 80x40 cm

BOAXEL Drying rack, white, 60x40 cm

More variantsHÖVOLM Rack with 6 knobs

HÖVOLM Rack with 6 knobs, dark brown/wood

More variantsBOAXEL Wall upright 100 cm

BOAXEL Wall upright, white, 200 cm

More variantsEKET Wall cabinet with 2 drawers 35x35x35 cm

EKET Wall cabinet with 2 drawers, white, 35x35x35 cm

More variantsBOAXEL Mounting rail 82 cm

BOAXEL Mounting rail, white, 62 cmBOAXEL Mounting rail, white, 182 cm

More variantsSVENSHULT Wall shelf 60x20 cm

SVENSHULT Wall shelf, gold-colour, 60x20 cm

More variantsEKET Wall-mounted shelving unit 35x35x35 cm

EKET Wall-mounted shelving unit, white stained oak effect, 35x35x35 cmEKET Wall-mounted shelving unit, grey-turquoise, 35x35x35 cmEKET Wall-mounted shelving unit, dark grey, 35x35x35 cm
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