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VATTENSTEN LED lighting strip, multicolour, 3 m

VATTENSTEN LED lighting strip, multicolour,

Price 229DH
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With this LED lighting strip, you can unleash your creativity and decorate with light in all kinds of places in your home – above cabinets, by the TV or under the sofa. The possibilities are endless!

Article number205.305.98

Product details

The light from this LED lighting strip creates a cosy atmosphere wherever you choose to place it.

The LED lighting strip is bendable, so you can easily fix it behind the TV or a bookcase.

If you do not need its entire length, you can gather excess cable by using the included touch-and-close fastening and cable clips.

You can easily make the lighting strip shorter by cutting it in the places where it is marked with a small scissors symbol.

Easy to fix in place – just remove the paper from the self-adhesive tape and stick the lighting strip where you want it.

The lighting strip has 3 different modes that you can easily change by using the button.

Press the button once to get a light that automatically changes colour. If you don’t want the light to change colour, press a second time when the light has the colour you prefer.

If you press the button 3 times you get a soft, subdued light that changes colour.

The lighting strip comes with a driver that you can connect to a power socket.


IKEA of Sweden


Cord length: 3.5 m

Length: 3 m

Power: 3.7 W