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FÄRGKLAR Side plate, matt light turquoise,

Price 99,90DH/4 pieces
Price incl. VAT
Price/pieces 24,98DH
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, glossy beige, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, glossy brown, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, glossy dark turquoise, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, matt dark grey, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, matt green, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, matt light grey, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, matt light pink, 20 cm
FÄRGKLAR Side plate, matt light turquoise, 20 cm

How to get it

Your perfect start for many types of meals. FÄRGKLAR side plate comes in a straightforward design, a great base to match with other dinnerware. Choose a matt glazed rustic surface or a glossy modern one.

Article number904.771.68

Product details

The side plate’s simple, functional design is easy to coordinate with other colours, shapes or different types of glazing – and makes FÄRGKLAR the perfect base for many occasions.


Maria Vinka

  • Material




Diameter: 20 cm

Package quantity: 4 pieces

  • FÄRGKLARArticle number904.771.68

    Width: 21 cm

    Height: 6 cm

    Length: 21 cm

    Weight: 1.74 kg

    Package(s): 1


What is ceramic?

Ceramic is a heat-resistant and durable material that has been used by humans to make practical objects for thousands of years. The base material is different types of clay that are oven-burned and become things like terracotta, stoneware, pottery and porcelain. At IKEA we mainly use ceramic for plant pots, porcelain, washbasins and kitchen sinks. Since it can be shaped and even glazed to the desired colour and shine, the possibilities of styles and looks are endless.

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

“I think tableware should make food the centrepiece – highlighting what you cook and serve. FÄRGKLAR is inspired by food cultures around the world and works with everything from rice dishes and pastas to tacos and sushi. A bit like the kitchen’s chameleon with shapes and colours that match each other and what you already have at home. Hopefully you’ll feel that the tableware is warm, practical, soft and pleasant – much like your favourite sweater that always feels right.”

Designer Maria Vinka