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Whatever the occasion, food is more enjoyable when you have something nice to present it on. As well as lots of basic essentials that always fit in, we have serveware designed to match the main styles in our dinnerware. So you can dish up a completely coordinated table whenever you want.

Accessories to serve your salad season

Is there anything on the summer menu that can’t be turned into a delicious salad? Maybe, but just in case, make sure you have the right bowls and tools to complement those fresh, colourful meals – whether as a centrepiece or on the side.

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An outdoor, sunlit table set with salad in a BLANDA MATT bamboo serving bowl, SVALKA wine glasses and other tableware.
A tabletop with a bamboo BLANDA MATT serving bowl filled with salad, placed next to side dishes in smaller, matt green bowls.
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A tray for tasty treats

Breakfasts in bed, dinners or midnight snacks – OSTBIT tray in renewable bamboo adds extra zest to any occasion.

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An OSTBIT tray on top of white bed linen, holding a white vase with a twig in it, and a small plate with a fried egg on it.
One corner of an OSTBIT bamboo tray on white bed linen, showing the raised edge, and with a white plate on it.
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