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KALLAX series

All-around shelving units for any room at home

Standing, lying, lifted off the floor, or used as a room divider; you can use your KALLAX shelving unit any way you like, wherever you need it. Eager to please and help with all your storage needs, the iconic KALLAX series shows how easy it is to organise everything in neat squares.

Four KALLAX shelving units with five cactuses on top against a pink wall, filled with hair products and storage boxes.
A living room with a TV on top of a black-brown KALLAX shelving unit. A girl sits opposite, holding a cable and a camera.
A KALLAX shelving unit with DRÖNA boxes is mounted to the wall in a hallway with a framed artwork above it.
A white KALLAX shelving unit with underframe filled with plates, glasses, and storage boxes close by a dining area.
A man reading a book with headphones around his shoulders, sitting by a table with a white KALLAX shelving unit beside it.

Need help in planning your KALLAX storage combination?

No problem. We have a planner tool that makes it easier to combine different shelves and inserts to create your own dream storage solution.

See the planner tool

Inserts and boxes to make your KALLAX shelving unit even better

With inserts with drawers or doors and boxes that fit perfectly in KALLAX shelving units, it’s easy to personalise your storage solution and keep the look consistent and streamlined.

A dark gaming room with a black-brown KALLAX shelving unit filled with storage boxes and gaming accessories.
A white KALLAX shelving unit with 2 inserts attached to a teal wall, with books, toys and a small clock in it.
A TONVIS table lamp and a record player standing on a white KALLAX shelving unit. Framed art hangs on the wall above.
A living room with a room-dividing, white KALLAX shelving unit and a white HEMNES day-bed beside it.
A white KALLAX shelving unit with inserts with doors and drawers and various colourful geometric objects on the shelves.

Keep it safe and secure

We all want our homes to be a safe place. KALLAX shelving units must be fixed to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener, to avoid furniture tip-over accidents.

Read about safely securing furniture
A white KALLAX shelving unit attached to the wall next to a desk with a laptop, and various items on the shelves.
A white KALLAX shelving unit in a children’s room filled with books, storage boxes, toys, next to a study area.
Read about safely securing furniture