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Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting works all year round – fairy lights go just as well as festive lighting during the holiday seasons as it does on your balcony or patio for those cosy summer nights. Choose from many different colours and styles – we're sure you'll find something that suits your home!

Create ambience for the holidays with the STRÅLA family

Let the light lead the way! Soft glowing sprinkles of light give your home a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The result is just as suitable for fancy dinner parties as for those moments when you just want to casually hang out with your nearest and dearest.

A person is sitting in an armchair next to a decorated tree and remotely controlling three STRÅLA lampshades in a window.
A green STRÅLA LED decorative table lamp shaped like a house is standing on a small round table next to a striped sofa.

New lighting with a rechargeable cosy glow

Creating a cosy mood is easier and safer with these little decorative lamps. They give you a nice, flickering glow but they’re powered by batteries that recharge when you put the lamps on the tray. No smoky wicks or messy drips and you don’t have to remember to keep buying candles.

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A lamp from a 4-piece PRAKTSPIREA LED decoration lighting set stands on some books near two similar lamps on a windowsill.
Three lamps from the 4-piece PRAKTSPIREA LED decoration lighting set. Two are on a charging tray and one is on some books.
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