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More than simply a must-have for travel, bags prepare you for life’s unpredictable moments, like a shopping bag for impromptu bakery visits or spontaneous gift buying. And bags for urban commuting, people these days are on the go. We’ve got all kinds of bags for whatever your daily life sends.

For shopping, laundry, storage and whatever else you can think of

The new SÄCKKÄRRA carrier bags and storage bag are as durable as they are decorative. A great replacer of the single use plastic bag when shopping, travelling, carrying your clothes when washing or even when sorting waste.

A person wearing sneakers, green trousers and a denim jacket is holding a SÄCKKÄRRA carrier bag in a yellow room.
Seven SÄCKKÄRRA carrier bags hang on the wall in a yellow room next to a SÄCKKÄRRA storage bag, which is on a pedestal.

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