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Paper & media organisers

Want something to keep your home workspace focused and on track? A paper and media organiser gets the job done. Whether it’s a file or a box, it’ll help you keep your desk tidy and papers sorted. That way you can find what you need and get back to work (so there’s more time to do what you want).

In memory of clutter lost

Don’t you just love a good box? Durably made from recycled paper. Folded from flat to fully functional in a minute. With a price tag low enough to really get as many as you need. Behold the new VATTENTRÅG box, ready to take on any sorting, filing and archiving task you can bring. Challenge accepted?

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Two tall, side-by-side, neat stacks of VATTENTRÅG recycled-board boxes with lid. One stack is slightly higher than the other.
A VATTENTRÅG recycled-board box placed on a blue surface. The box lid is open, revealing nondescript paraphernalia inside.
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