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Some me-time in the morning

Finding moments of calm can be the key to a good day. Especially on rushed weekday mornings. A cared-for beauty corner and an organised wardrobe – that makes prepping today’s look extra easy – are two ways to make your mornings more relaxed.

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A LASSBYN mirror, a vase with flowers and make-up accessories in DRAGAN bamboo boxes stand on a NORDKISA dressing table.
    Woman painting her lips red, seen reflected in a LASSBYN mirror, which in turn stands amid make-up accessories on a desktop.
    On the side of a PAX wardrobe, KOMPLEMENT valet and multi-use hangers hold neatly folded trousers and scarves, respectively.
    Partly open NORDKISA wardrobe in a softly sunlit room, with garments on BUMERANG hangers and skirt hangers in and around it.
    White SKUBB organisers and shoeboxes and yellow garments on hangers artfully arranged in and next to a doorless PAX wardrobe.
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    How to use the FÖRNUFTIG air purifier

    Did you know that the air you breathe indoors can be more polluted than the air on the street outside? The new FÖRNUFTIG air purifier from IKEA makes it easy to improve your indoor air at an affordable price.

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    Bedroom series for easy coordination

    You can choose matching furniture from one of these bedroom series.

    BRIMNES series
    TYSSEDAL series
    MALM series

    Great storage systems for your bedroom

    Wardrobes and more to help you keep your clothes organised and your bedroom tidy.

    PLATSA system
    PAX system
    JONAXEL system

    Bedroom idea

    Keep cool in summer, warm in winter.  It is easy to create a dream bedroom.  Let's find tips.

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    Planning and Consulting

    Bed & Mattress Planning service

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    Delivery service

    For delivering large furniture or for IKEA online store

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    Assembly service

    Need support to assembly?

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    Takeback service

    Sofa and mattress take back service

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