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PAX wardrobe: Custome wardrobe that fits every need

What will you wear tomorrow? 

PAX is a wardrobe that can be freely combined according to your needs. Not only clothes, but also bags, accessories, ties, everything you wear will be beautifully organized. Worried about planning? We provide remote planning service and other tools to help you.

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3 Benefits of PAX

1: Size and design to match the space and atmosphere of the room

There are six sizes of frames and a variety of design doors to fits your room and style as additional storage in a limited space or as your dream walk in closet to mazimise your space.


If you have a limited space, Don't worry. There are some options to maxmise your space. You can have 50cm narrow combination or shallow depth frame with slide door which also help to save the space.

Walk In Closet

Did you know one of big frustration of walk in closet is how to organize? Walk in closet with PAX will provide prefect size and inside solution.

Check here for the combination by size or door type

2: Your own perfect inside solution

With specialized functions for clothes, pants, bags, etc., KOPLEMENT accessaries can provide a wardrobe that is easy to store, easy to see, and easy to take out.

See more PAX interior organisers

3: Warranty
Wardrobes must be strong enough to withstand daily use

To ensure that your PAX wardrobe and KOMPLEMENT/storage accessories can be used longer and more comfortable at home, IKEA has established stringent testing standards to check quality and durability.

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Benefit | How to shop

How to shop

Buy Online

Ready-made combination? or Custimize with PAX planner

Remote Planning Service

You can ask a help from your home!

Short on time? Live too far from an IKEA store? A team of knowledgeable and experienced staff are ready and waiting to help you realise your design ideas over the phone and using online tools. Receive expert advice to create a PAX plan based on your design requirements, as well as guidance regarding delivery and installation.

How much does it cost?

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Business use

    Join IKEA for Business with no registration fee or annual fee!IKEA offers functional and creative products. We support the business of corporate, self-employed and sole proprietors with services such as interior planning, email ordering.