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    A plant ball for meat lovers

    Small things can make a big difference. Take our new plant ball, for example. It has the great taste and texture of the IKEA meatball but only 4% of the climate footprint. That means it’s just as delicious – only smarter. Have a bite!

    The meatball reimagined

    The plant ball is proof that a less meaty future can be just as delicious, whether you’re a meat lover or not. Made with pea protein, potatoes, onion, oats and apple, it has the taste and juicy bite of the IKEA meatball – minus the meat. Instead, the perfect meaty taste is achieved by adding umami flavours, like mushroom, tomato and roasted vegetables.

      Introducing plant ball menu

      Available at IKEA Restaurant and Sweden food market from 1st October

      Rachel Khoo's Plant Ball Recipe

      Rachel Khoo is a well known food writer/Chef who hosts TV programs and has published several books. She has fans all over the world and Japan is no exception. To celebrate the launch of our plant ball she has created four scrumptious recipes which include d'oeuvres with Japanese flavor and a main Italian dish which you can't wait to try. Check out the vides now!

      Rachel Khoo’s Plant Ball Recipe Instagram Campaign

      Create a dish using Rachel’s Plant Ball recipe and post!
      Don’t forget to use the hashtag #プラントボールレシピキャンペーン .

      A lottery will select 10 people to receive a gift card worth 3000yen.
      In addition, we will also repost those who participated on the IKEA Japan Instagram account!

      There are 4 types of recipes! You can upload any or all the recipes you like.
      If you have IKEA’s tableware, please use them to decorate!

      [Campaign Overview]

      Application period:
      2nd Oct 2020, Fri – 25th Oct 2020, Sun

      How to enter:
      1. Recreate your favorite recipe from Rachel’s 4-Plant Ball recipes
      2. Take a beautiful picture of your favorite
      3. Be sure to follow the IKEA Japan Instagram account
      4. Post the picture using hashtag #プラントボールレシピキャンペーン

      A gift card worth 3000yen to 10 people

      How to announce:

      • Only the winners will be contacted by Instagram direct message.
      • If you do not contact us within the specified period after being notified as a winner, the win will be invalid.

      Those who agree to the following agreement (Japanese).
      * Please check the agreement below


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      • 参加者と一緒に投稿データに写っている方がいらっしゃる場合は、必ず投稿前にその方から投稿データの使用につき、使用許諾を得てください。
      • 上記の場合の他、投稿データに参加者以外の第三者の知的財産権が含まれる場合、必ず投稿前に権利者から投稿データの使用につき、使用許諾を得てください。
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      • なお、イケア社が本キャンペーン応募作品を公式サイトでのアーカイブコンテンツとして投稿データを使用する場合は、投稿データはInstagramより引用する形で使用させていただきます。
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      [ 受付時間 ] 平日・土日祝 10:00~19:00

      A whole new ball game

      The world is facing urgent climate challenges. Realising the importance of taking immediate action, IKEA works hard to deliver on our ambition to be climate positive by 2030. One piece of the puzzle is increasing the proportion of plant-based food – such as the all-new plant ball. Going greener is important for us all, whether we’re meat lovers, flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans.

      At IKEA, we sell 1 billion meatballs a year. Imagine if we can convert even some of those into plant balls. That’s a real tangible reduction in our climate footprint.

      Sharla Halvorson, Health & Sustainability Manager, IKEA Food

      We asked IKEA customers what they think about the new plant ball. Do you agree? Have a bite!

        Stainless steel fork held upright, its tines stuck into a single plant-based meatball. Green, tiled wall in the background.
        Outstretched hand holding an unopened, plastic package of HUVUDROLL plant balls. Green, tiled wall in the background.