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Product stock availability

We are currently experiencing some problem with product availability in-store and online. If you see the "no stock" message on a product page, you can register your email address or phone number to get a notification by email or SMS when it becomes available again.

A note about stock inventory

IKEA stores and IKEA online stores share inventory, and inventory status is constantly changing.

The store staff sees the same inventory information as customers see.  We don't reserve or order inventory at IKEA stores.

Your product inventory is not secured until your order is completed. In some cases, the item may be sold out during the ordering process.

If you keep a product in shopping cart for a long time, the stock status, product price, etc. may differ at the time of ordering.

How to check the stock

1. If you have a 8-digit product number, enter it in the search window

2. Choose a store on the right of the page

If you are ordering from the IKEA online store, please check the shipping store here.

3. If there is no stock, stock date shows on some of the products 

4. If you want to see availabitily at other stores, click "Check other IKEA stores"

5. If there is no stock, you can get a notification by email or SMS when it is in stock

Frequently Asked Questions