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About IKEA gift cards

How to shop

Choosing the perfect gift for a special gift from a vast array of products is a daunting task. With IKEA Gift Card, you can give a gift without worrying about choosing a gift.
Choose your favorite card design, decide on the charge amount, and then give it to the other party. You can use it at any IKEA store (except for some stores), IKEA online store and IKEA app.

* You can purchase IKEA gift cards at the IKEA store (except for some stores).
* You can pay the amount of the charge only in cash, up to 500,000 yen in 1-yen units.
* Not available at 1F bistro. Please note.
* The IKEA Gift/Refund cards can be used maximum 49,999 yen at IKEA online store and IKEA app.

For more information about IKEA gift cards, see IKEA prepaid card terms and conditions.

Cards eligible for online balance check

  • Gift card with PIN code
  • Return card with PIN code
  • Campaign coupon



  • If the card has expired, the balance will be shown as 0 yen. Please check the backside of your card for more information about the expiration date.
  • If your card does not have a PIN code on the backside of the card, please ask a co-worker at the checkout area in an IKEA store or call the Customer Support Center.

Frequently asked questions